Vintage refashion

I felt all productive last night, and had a touch of finish-itis, which is a good thing given the number of projects I have on the go at any one time!!!!

Do you remember the curtain fabric I was given a little while back? Well, it got washed and cut into cushion sized pieces very quickly, but then it all came to a halt as I didn't have any backing fabric and although very pretty it was also was very thin and really needed a bit of extra thickness.

I finally managed to pick up some backing fabric last week and last night set-to finishing off these cushions so that I can send them down to my friend. They were a very simple - a big square for the front and two generously overlapping rectangles for the back to create an envelope style cushion.

After a quick iron, I stuffed them with a cushion and stood back to consider......

They looked good, but I thought they could maybe do with a little something extra. Umm.

After a quick run to my craft room and a rummage through my button tin and ribbon box I had my supplies and set to making a lace-trim flower with a green button centre. What do you think?

I've still got the other flower to do and I'm really hoping that my friend will like them

The colours turned out to be an almost perfect match, it's always good when that happens! I've still got enough of the fabric left to make another couple of cushions, or maybe even a bag. The possibilities!

S x

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