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We had a great weekend as we went to see our friends down in Kent who we'd not seen for ages. So that I didn't turn up empty-handed I had a go at making some Chelsea Buns and ooooh! I was quite pleased with how they turned out!

I think that I might add a bit more spicyness next time but they were certainly tasty with a morning coffee!!!

Once we reached our friends, a picnic was packed and we headed to the beach to brave the chilly winds.
It's only my second visit to Whitstable but I do love it there - the little beach huts really capture my imagination and I love all the different personalities

Despite dressing up very warmly it was really windy along the sea front. The sea was crashing onto the beach and although it's noisy I do love the sound of waves, there's just something so relaxing about it. The tide was starting to come in and the Littlies enjoyed playing tag with the sea but somehow thankfully managed to avoid soggy toes

I can tell you we enjoyed a very warming cup of tea once we got back!

Whilst visiting my friend showed me some gorgeous curtains that she didn't think she'd ever get around to using so I've promised her two cushions in exchange for the rest of the fabric, which feels like a very fair deal don't you think? I think it's going to make some lovely cushions

Oh, and I got struck by a crochet idea which I just had to start in the car on our way down......hopefully I'll be able to show you some progress soon!

S x

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