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Ohhhhh, I can't believe that nearly a whole week has gone by already! Where did that time go? Oh that's right, half-term, sleep-overs (for the little girl) and a road trip to see friends (and I have to say that going away with three littlies for one night is definitely interesting!)

But here we are, slowly getting back to normal. I've found the time to wash and iron all of the fabrics that were purchased last week.......aren't they pretty?

I'm really excited about them and need to start making some things. I'm thinking a bag, especially for the fabrics in the second photo - I just love the black & white images. And because I went shopping with little girl, I have also promised in exchange for some peaceful shopping to make her a cushion with these fabrics that she chose especially along with some pink pom-pom trimming!

One of the things I've been pondering a lot over the last week is Project Home. Our home is not exactly show-home ready - lots of piles of paper, things not always put back immediately and obviously all the paraphernalia that you have with three young children. Towards the end of last year a start was made on having a bit of a sort out, but then there was Christmas which wasn't too helpful on the minimising front!

Anyway, whilst blog hopping the other week I came across Sandra's fantastic blog and signed up for Pretty Crafty Home (PCH) as it seemed the perfect timing. Mr f&f's first comments were something along the lines of 'How long have you got?'!!!!! Cheeky! Our house isn't that bad, although I think if I got a home report it would probably say 'Could Do Better'!

I'm guessing that everyone has a different ideal for their home, but for me I want to try and work on;

✄ Getting rid of all the stuff that we don't need and be as ruthless as possible - I'm thinking paperwork, toys & clothes (so pretty much no room in the house will be left unturned!), and repurpose/refashion things where I can

✄ Make the house a bit more homely with soft furnishings - I've been meaning for ages to make some blinds, cushions and a cover for my kitchen mixer but still haven't quite got round to it yet

✄ To clean more regularly than I do at the moment - you know how it is, much more fun to read some blogs/sew/knit/crochet,,,,,well, anything rather than actually do cleaning! But I'm thinking a little bit every day will be better than a massive clean every now and then.

Wish me luck - it's going to take me a lot of will-power to get there! And if you've been inspired then please go and check out Sandra's blog - you can find the PCH button on the left of the screen.

Oh, and on a hooky note, do you want to see a sneaky peak of how the sky blanket is coming along? As you can see it's been very overcast in February.....and I've got behind in weaving my ends in again. Ah well, that's tonights job sorted!!!

S x

Todays sky ● overcast

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