Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Crafty, homey days

Ooooh, I have to say that I've felt really spoilt these past few days: lots of time where I've been able to spend time in daylight hours doing crafty things. And doing things for me in daylight hours is a little rare at the moment due to normally having the littlies in tow.

Saturday I managed to indulge in a catch-up with my Click & Clack friends at the Knitting Hut to celebrate it's 6th birthday, which involved a little bit of tea and cake - always a good thing! - and also a couple of yarny purchases which I'll have to show you soon :)

After a bit of lunch it was straight in the kitchen to do a bit of baking to take for a Sunday visit to family.

A lemony sandwich cake from one of my favourite cake books. This started out life as a normal victoria sponge but just as I was at the vanilla adding stage Mr f&f wondered into the kitchen with a muttered 'I thought a lemon cake would be nice?' A quick check for lemons, a bit more flour added and I was off! Once baked and cooled I sandwiched it together with some lemony buttercream and a generous smear of lemon curd.

I did enjoy my slice with a cup of tea. Very tangy!

Yesterday, Little Girl had a friend for a sleep over. I was pondering what to do to try and ensure that They'd Sleep. Always a tricky one! It was too cold, wet and miserable for much outdoor activity. So I decided on a crafty activity. I remember reading about woolly dolls back over the summer holiday and although I was too lazy didn't look it up we had a go and even if it wasn't done properly the kids had a great time. Kept them amused for an hour or so last night, and then another hour or so this morning. I loved how they spent ages deciding on all the tiny details like little cap sleeves for the t-shirts and enjoyed all the snippety-snips of the wool. Once the scissors were finally retired, and everything was tidied up we had a little photo-call. And so I would like to introduce you to Daffodil and Petal!

Aren't they colourful and fun?!

My final indulgence today was a trip to a local fabric shop that has one sale day a year and it was today. There were so many lovely fabrics it was difficult to chose but I managed to make some valentine purchases for myself.

I hope you've all had a lovely day and see you again soon,

S x

Today's sky ● overcast (again!)

If you're interested in making your own woolly doll then I found this tutorial here

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