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Hello! These things are always tricky to write, aren't they? But I love reading other peoples so figured I should have one of my own!!!

I live in the West of the UK and have always been crafty (!). I spent a lot of my childhood playing around on my Mum's old Singer sewing machine but as I grew up and started work it fell by the wayside. When the lovely Mr f&f and I got married I made all the wedding cards and table names and it reawakened my crafting side.  A friend of mine taught me to crochet and from then on I could always be found with knitting needles or a crochet hook in hand.

A few years later, after having my three Littlies I found myself wanting to try something different. 2011 saw me start my sewing journey with an old sewing machine that I'd been given. I began making little accessories that some of my friends even seemed to like enough to ask if they could order from me! I went on to buy myself a Janome CXL301 which I love, although I dream of one day owning a Janome Horizon!

In 2012 I started to dabble with dressmaking and quilting, and am hooked! I'm having so much fun, learning new things all the time and enjoying meeting other crafty folks along the way!

With the Littlies still so young my sewing time is limited but it's getting easier all the time. One day I'll be a lot more productive....

Thanks for popping by,


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