Thursday, 25 June 2015

A new pincushion

It's been another busy time....I've started to notice a rhythm to the school year and the lead up to the long summer hols are always hectic: me frantically trying to get things ready for kids who are going to be bored (or is that just mine?!) and lots of school events. Mixed in with some secret sewing and time has been flying!!! So it was a lovely surprise last week when a gift from Jessie at Sew and Quilt landed on my door mat. 

Jessie has recently launched pre-cut paper pieces for EPP'ing - I think she's got all the shapes covered!!! - and I got the chance to try them out with this cute hexagon pincushion kit, the perfect project for a bit of relaxing sewing over the weekend!

I thread basted my hexies (through the back only) and have to say that the paper shapes are just the right thickness to make basting nice and easy and give a good shape but also strong enough that after removing them they are still good to use again which would be great for doing a bigger project, or maybe even another pincushion!

The pincushion is finished with a button through the center to give it a bit of a donut feel! I used a button for both sides because I couldn't quite decide which was my favourite so now I can choose depending on my mood!!!

If you fancy any paper pieces for yourself then do pop along to Jessie's shop - at the moment she's including a free Hexagon Pincushion pattern with every order! - I think I'm going to find myself another project for the summer, EPP is perfect for picking up and putting down whilst the kids are around.......


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DISCLAIMER - I was sent a free hexagon pincushion kit to try out, all opinions are my own. 

Friday, 12 June 2015

Tova with a touch of Liberty

I don't know if it's because I was doing so much quilting in the lead up to Easter, but I've had a real craving for some dressmaking lately, and the Tova was high on my wish list! The one I'd made a few years back felt a big snug and the sleeves had always bugged me because they were at the length which meant that every time I stretched my arms they would get caught on my elbow!!!! So I dug this chambray out of my stash with the idea of making a light and floaty summer tunic. But it was a bit too see-through, so shirt it was!

I double checked the measurements and ended up making the Small again but the fit feels a lot better this time. The only thing that I can think is that first time round I wasn't so careful on my seam allowance (this pattern has a 3/8" seam allowance and I think I did french seams on my last one and it was one of the first garments I sewed, so there's always going to be errors, right?!) and that maybe the fabric shrunk a bit in the wash? To be doubley sure though, I used a scant seam allowance on the side seams....

I was worried that the chambray would look a bit too plain and after a bit of thinking came up with adding a touch of Liberty to the collar, placket and sleeve bands for a bit of contrast and fun. I'm really pleased with how it worked out and have to say it's lovely way of adding a bit of luxury - with only a little bit of fabric - to what could have otherwise been a fairly boring shirt. And it makes me smile every time I wear it (and squint in the sun too!)

So, deets:

Pattern::: Wiksten Tova
Size::: Small
Adjustments::: cut 2 additional placket pieces in Liberty, shortened the height of the collar by 1/4" and curved the ends (a la Kerry's Tova Along tutorial); lengthened the sleeves (although in all honesty I probably could have done with another inch or so!); lengthened the tunic by a few inches.

It was so much fun and I'm loving wearing it. I've already got another summer Tova dress planned (in Liberty Lawn, here's a sneak peek for you!) and then I also want to make a autumn/winter version a bit later in the year - I'm think Anna Maria Horner's Loominous might look lovely in a Tova, what d'you think?

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Gosh, I've been gone a while haven't I?! Things have all been hectic since Easter....daily life with the children seems to be getting busier by the term and I've been trying to sort some things out on the home front too. Slowly, slowly I'm making progress and you'll hopefully see me around a bit more!

Still, there's been quite a lot of sewing going on, especially of the dress-making variety. There was a sample quilt for Simply Solids for a new kit that they will be selling, a kimono using By Hand London's fab tutorial, a Chambray Tova with a hint of Liberty (more about this later in the week!) and some Wavy Coasters for a commission.

Probably the most exciting thing that happened this month was some secret sewing I'd done for Quilt Now being published and finding out that I'd made the front cover. I confess to squealing and jumping up and down a bit when I found out. Sooooo exciting! And the quilt in full.....

It was so fun to play with a bundle of Cotton & Steel! The pattern is foundation pieced and is a great introduction to the technique if you're new to it - I'd love to know if you have a go at making it.

Anyways, I think that's probably enough for tonight - will be back soon!

S x

PS - a special thank you to Debbie for the note you sent me! I'm afraid I couldn't respond as you're a no-reply blogger but please know that your message meant a lot. Thank you x

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