Monday, 9 February 2015

Slow sewing::: a new project

Did you all have a good weekend? Ours was good but boy am I looking forward to the school half term!!! There's been quite a lot of secret sewing going on (check out all those little squares - 240 2.5" squares.....I was almost wishing for a Sizzix by the end of it all!) for swaps and the like, so not too much to show.

I've also been pondering a new project......I know, another one! But there's a reason for this one! Life has been quite hectic recently, nothing overly serious just lots of things all building up and I confess to feeling a bit emotionally worn-out. Why is it that in the parenting books they always warn you about the sleepless nights but no-one really tells you about the emotional wranglings of guiding children through school?! Anyhow, what with stuff and some deadline sewing it got me to thinking about going s-l-o-w and taking time to enjoy the process. Back when I started the blog, it was to record the making of my Sky Blanket and one of the things I really enjoyed about it was making time to crochet for just 10-15mins a day, quite often after lunch with a nice cuppa. It became a lovely daily ritual and is something I've been missing. So when Amitie Textiles had a pattern sale a couple of weeks ago, I bought their new Smitten Pattern and ordered some templates from Amazon (they were a really good price but if you order them please be warned that they come from the States so take a little while to arrive!).

And last night I made a hesitant start.....I'm thinking of making it mostly out of Denyse Schmidt fabrics. I've been collecting a few ever since I started quilting although I'm not sure if I've got enough variety so I might add in the odd blender here and there. So this is a test version of Large Hexy One, all hand-pieced and my plan is to do a little bit each day, even if only for 5-10mins. I'm quite liking it so far!


Today's sky ● beautifully blue.....almost made me feel like spring is on the way!


Joanne said...

Hand Pieced!!!! You are a brave lady, but it is going to be completely stunning!!!
I know exactly what you mean about the updated guide book that parents need, I feel like it's a constant battle with homework, motivation and then really nasty teachers!!! Half term can't come quick enough for our house

the running hare said...

I think you've chosen the perfect project to relax with. If you do a bit every day it will soon grow!

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