Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! Wow, the last few weeks flew by in the lead up to trying to get ready for Christmas!!! I hope you all had a good time? We had lots of family over which was a little bit hectic but fun and lots of special memories were made. I did need a couple of lie in's afterwards though to recover from the mass catering!!!

This year, I actually made a few little presents. I think it was a combination of finding a couple of good patterns and thinking that they would actually be useful to people! First up was a clutch of dumplings. I love this pattern so much and have made quite a few now. I love how you can do QAYG to use up tiny scraps or go bold with a large print. Each one can look so different and I find the one I made myself is so useful for handbag essentials.

Next up was a drawstring pouch for a good friend who's recently taken up knitting. I added a lanyard into the lining so that the teeny tiny zipper pouch could be attached and hopefully keep all the stitch markers and row counters together.

And then on Christmas Eve there was a last minute rush to make a mini drawstring pouch for some cuff links which had been delivered in a plastic bag! Thankfully it was quick to whip up between the making of the mince pies and supervising the decoration of the gingerbread house!!!!

I was lucky enough to get a few crafty things from my Christmas list too - some inspirational books, some fabric and one of those mini-irons which I'm hoping will be useful for small piecing work.

Need to head off now, we're meeting up with friends for the New Year so I wish you all a fabulous and healthy 2015 and see you soon,


Today's sky ‚óŹ cloudy but sunny. Yay!

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