Mini Quilt swap and catching up!

Wow - where did those last few weeks go?! There's been so much time spent occupying children and some secret sewing that I've not really had much time to blog. School started back this week though so hopefully things will return back to normal......I was writing my to-do lists yesterday and realised that I hadn't told you all about the Schnitzel & Boo Mini quilt swap that I took part in back in July (sooooo long ago - sorry!) but it was so much fun that I just neeeeeed to, so here goes!

For my partner I made a scrappy churn dash mini - this was a lot inspired by Kerry's quilt but I changed the background to 4" squares (so double the size of the scraps used in the churndash) so that it wasn't a direct copy which led to some playing around with how to inset the outside churndash triangles into the backgound squares. I think it worked out quite well in the end! There was some kantha stitching to outline the churndash and some free-motion loop-de-loops in the low volume background and it was all finished.

I'd mainly used Denyse Schmidt with a little bit of Liberty and Henna thrown in which I just couldn't bear to waste so I used the HST off-cuts to make a little coaster measuring around 6" with some more kantha stitching.....there's a bit of a theme developing here, isn't there?!

In return I recieved this lovely mini from Melissa (with some gorgeous goodies too!) which was the perfect colour scheme and now takes pride of place on my sewing room wall - I love the impact of doing two lines of stitching on top of each other in some places, it really makes it pop!

I had so much fun with this swap that I've signed up for the #IGminiswap - I have my partner so will have to do a bit of stalking now!

Have a great weekend,

S x

Todays sky ‚óŹ overcast but warm!

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