Some Finishes!

Hello there! Well, that week and a half pretty much whizzed past, didn't it?! Littlest boy is on a phased introduction period at school (they manage to drag it out for 5wks for maximum annoyance!) and I hadn't quite realised just how exhausting doing three school runs a day would be!

Anyhoo, I've been working on some finishes! First up, was my knotted sampler from Thomas Knauer's class at FQR. It was only waiting on some binding and after a bit of a dive through my stash I decided that I should go colourful all the way and that Summersville would be perfect. It will look lovely on the wall I think!

Next up was using the scraps from the Parquet Quilt that I made for Simply Solids. When cutting the blocks I'd ended up with some small leftover strips which I just couldn't bear to part with. So, they were sewn together into a panel and then promptly set aside for the rest of the summer!  Over the weekend inspiration finally hit! I'd been admiring Kerry's dumpling pouch at retreat and after printing out the pattern I discovered that the panel was the perfect size! 

Doesn't it look cute? They're a little fiddly on the zipper and the inside binding, but it's definitely worth it, and will get easier with each make I reckon. And a nice, quick project too which is always a bonus!

I'll be back was my birthday over the weekend and I've got something very special to show you!


Todays sky ‚óŹ overcast and grey but still warm!

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