Monday, 18 August 2014

Another Sew Together Bag

Before Retreat, I was lucky enough to be sent some Alison Glass Field Day for a project I was working on (more on that another day!). I had some of the panel print left and whilst pondering my need (yep, need!) for a Sew Together bag I realised it would be perfect for the exterior panel.

To add a bit of interest (and because I just don't trust fusible wadding!) I added three lines of 3-step zig-zag stitching either side of the panel print in a bright pink and the exterior was done.

For the inside I used a mix of Alison Glass sunprint for the pocket linings and fabrics from my Simply Solids stash club for the pocket exteriors. A little more Field Day for the binding and it was done.

As before, I finished all the binding by hand and then machine stitched the zipper tabs to the bag for added strength. I found that the easiest way to do this was to turn the bag almost inside out like so and pin/glue baste in position.........

I am so happy with how this came out - it's overly bright and a little bit bonkers but I love it and it holds so much stuff! It was finished in time for retreat and even a random lady on the train commented on it!!!!

I did make a few adjustments to the original pattern:

- Moved the exterior pocket fold line out by 1/4"
- Cut the binding at 2" and hand-finished it on both side seams and top zip
- Interfaced the zipper tabs

I love it so much I've even used a scotch-guard spray to stop it getting dirty! Have you ever used a scotch guard? It's fantastic for bags and really does help to protect them......I remember making my Liberty Lapin Noir and on it's first outing - which happened to be to a toddler group - a cup of juice got spilt all over it and I was able to just brush it off with no absorption. Magic I tell you!

Back soon,


Todays sky ● a mix of blue and sunshine and grey and rainy


Isisjem said...

Fab bag! Always mean to scotch guard fabric shoes/boots and despite having some always forget! Good to know it works as it should though!

Lynne said...

This is brilliant! I love the different fabrics, it's so bright and cheerful.

Wendy said...

you CAN trust fusible fleece. I made myself a bag a couple of years ago and after very heavy use, lots of throwing around, plane rides, car rides, being trodden on etc, it's still stuck in place!
I do like the zig zag embellishment though and overall the bag turned out great!

Jo Jo said...

Beautiful bag, Sonia! It looks complicated to make though! I had not considered ScotchGuard, but will from now on :)

Hannlib said...

Love this! Need to make one for me ....

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