Friday, 24 January 2014

This week has been mostly about.....

......pondering fabric samples! These are the current candidates to make a Collette Albion coat. I'm leaning towards the teal at the moment as I think it will be fairly classic (and won't be a nightmare on matching like the checks!) ....but am procrastinating as coat fabric isn't cheap so it's a big commitment...

....signing up for the Colour Intensive course which starts in February. I'm really excited about getting stuck in to this!
Color Intensive Online Workshop

.....still buzzing from the Gloucestershire Modern Quilt Guild sit and sew day on Monday. We've another scheduled for Monday 3rd March and meet on the fourth Thursday of each month so if you're local  (or even if you're not!)  and would like to pop along then please get in touch with Anna or I - we'd love you to join us!!!

......sewing the binding onto the Siblings Together Quilt. After a false start on quilting it I'm now on the home straight and can't wait to show you the finished quilt!

...salivating over all these lovely scraps that Hannah sent me. They're all going towards #economyblockalong blocks, the current quilting obsession on Instagram that I've not been able to resist!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, I'm hoping for a quiet one after a few disturbed nights with the Littlies!!!


Today's sky ● mostly overcast and soggy. Meh!


Lynne said...

The blue coat fabric looks gorgeous. The check fabric is lovely too, but I get what you mean about matching the checks. Good luck with it, whichever fabric you choose!

Nicky said...

Love the blue but what about the red as the main fabric and pockets and maybe yoke in that gorgeous check - it would take it to another level!

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