Christmas gifts

Although Christmas has all been packed away (it has to be all taken down on the 1st Jan in this house!) I realised that I hadn't shared my Christmas makes with you. To be honest, there isn't a whole lot to share as I didn't do much this year - too little time and inspiration.

First up, shall I show you the sewing box that the lovey Mr f&f got for me? I remember similar ones when I was little with legs, in an orange pine with a big box handle. Do you know the ones I'm talking about?!

I love this one! It's not massive but is big enough to carry a little project (you can see the beginnings of one of my Skill Builder blocks there) and all my notions. It's already had the green light to be taken on holiday and I think Mr f&f is hoping that he's less likely to sit on needles/fabric/scissors when we're sitting in front the of the tellie of an evening (the trials and tribulations of being a sewists husband, eh?!) I'm planning to make the pin cushion thread catcher from Brioni's book as it should fit neatly in the top compartment of my new box whilst being portable and helping me to keep the sofa even more tidy. Bonus!!!

And you see that little pouch up there? My friend - who only got her first sewing machine in the summer and had never used one before - made it for me. I love it and she did such a fab job - always great to have another pouch for different projects!

So, Christmas makes! I made some Super Hero coasters for Mr f&f (you may notice a bit of a theme following on from his Laptop Bag!). This was some wrapping paper that we had and it seemed way too good to throw away. I got a cheap pack of bathroom tiles and a spray varnish sealer type thing and I was good to go. They're a lovely quick project to put together and if you wanted to make some of your own then you can find lots of tutorials on Pinterest (like this one). I used Decopatch glue instead of Modge Podge and it seemed to work fine, although I'll let you know if they start to deteriorate. And Mr f&f was very happy with them!
Superhero drinks coasters by fabricandflowersuk

And knickers! No, I'm not cross, I actually made knickers! Three pairs to be exact, one for me and two to gift. They started out as a bit of a jest - a friend and I went to the Knitting & Stitching show last October and was laughing at me when I said I wanted to try making knickers. So I told her, in my most deadpan way possible "I was going to make you some for Christmas". She laughed and it became a thing that I had to do! So much fun I tell you! They're really comfy and you can use all your favourite fabrics too!!!
Knickers by fabricandflowersuk

I'll be back to talk knickers soon!

Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday,


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