The last few days have been mostly about...

....lots of baking and gift making!!! Last week I made my Christmas cake and now need to start drowning feeding it brandy!!!!

...whipping up a patchwork blanket for a friends new baby, my first attempt at tumbler blocks! It was such fun and when the weather's a bit better I'll get some pictures for you

...making a laptop bag for Mr f&f's birthday using wool felt and superhero fabric (what man doesn't want a superhero laptop bag, eh?!)! I'm just waiting for the strap thingimy bobs and then I'll be able to tell you all about it!

...and then today as it was actually Mr f&f's birthday there was the baking of sweet treats and cranberry sauce for Christmas. Phew!

Hope you've had a fun few days too,


Today's sky ‚óŹ overcast and grey. Yuck!

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