Thursday, 12 December 2013

Superhero Laptop Bag!

A couple of weeks ago Mr f&f had a birthday. It was a significant birthday and I decided a while ago to make him a laptop bag with super-hero fabric on the inside. 'Cos you know, no boy is too old for super heros!
Lilium Laptop bag by fabricandflowersuk

Back in April I'd happened across a piece of wool felt and had guessed that I'd be able to squeeze a laptop bag out of it somehow. I decided on the large Lilium Laptop bag and after some very careful cutting I had about 2" of fabric left. Talk about cutting it fine!!!! I was able to match the checks on the flap and main body of the bag, but ran out of fabric to match the sides
Lilium Laptop bag, with bag feet by fabricandflowersuk

As the felt is so thick already I omitted the soft and stable/foam and used interfacing on the lining only as per the pattern. The main change I made was to lengthen the front flap by 2-3" and mirror the curve from the main body of the bag, which I then replicated in the flap accent. 
Lilium Laptop bag by fabricandflowersuk

I used a slightly wider webbing at 2" for the strap and lengthened it by around 8" as Mr f&f likes to wear the bag across his body sometimes. Top-stitching this was....interesting! The wool felt made it crazily thick and even with using a jeans needle on the machine there may have been a few rude mutterings and talk of the need for a new machine for Christmas with an adjustable foot and bigger throat space but eventually we got there!!!
Lilium laptop bag by fabricandflowerusk

For the lining I used a mix of Klona black (this is quite new to me and fantastic for bag making as it feels a bit thicker than normal quilting cotton) and Avengers fabric for the inside flap and slip pockets

I love how the bag looks all grown up and sensible until you start to lift the flap and then......BAM! Hopefully it will bring a smile to Mr f&f's work days....he seemed happy with it!!!

I'm linking up to the Sew Mama Sew Sew Sweetness Bag Contest - do go and check out all the othe fabulous bags that have been made. I think the Kennedy bag is next on my hit list!


Today's sky ● grey and overcast. Not a good photography day!!!


Mara said...

Looks totally awesome, love the way you echoed the curve for the flap. The Klona black looks a little grey, or is it a true black color?

pennydog said...

Haha love that! I found a shop on Etsy that makes superhero keyboard decals for Macbooks but I am too late for ordering one for OH for Christmas now as they're in the US.

heart of charnwood said...

Looks fab, well done, love that superhero fabric!!

Nicky said...

That is one seriously cool bag! Hope there is room for his superhero costume inside!

Lynne said...

What a brilliant bag! And I love the lining. :)

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