Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Floor Cushion

Do you remember the giant x&+ blocks I asked everyone to make back in November? Well, I'd made a test block to check out my maths out of Christmassy fabric with the thought that I could turn it into a squishy cushion for when we're going to have more bums than seats on the Big Day!

It's quilted with red Aurifil 40wt thread echoing the central plus, with an enveloped style closure on the back. The binding was a good game of chicken - I compltely winged it by just joining a few strips and reckoning that it would be enough (that'll teach me not to do the maths!) but I just made it with half an inch to spare. Phew!

Little girl already seems to have adopted it as her own! Now to make a gingerbread house with the smalls before trying to squeeze in some sewing later. Have a great afternoon everyone!


Today's sky ● very changeable! Lashing rain & black skies this morning and now beautifully bright & sunny


Lynne said...

This is fantastic! The quilting is so even. Do you use the join of the fabric as a guide, then use a row of stitches as a guide for the next row? I'm not sure if that makes sense?! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

Nicky said...

Love your cushion Sonia! Not surprised it has been adopted!

Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

Lovely cushion and I'm sure it'll make for a comfy place at Christmas. I hope you have a lovely day and Happy New Year to you too!

S x

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