Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Purse

Whilst I was going through my craft stuff the other week, I came across a sew in purse frame that had been free with a magazine. I knew that I had some Oakshott lying around and thought it would make a lovely little purse to use with my dress. 

I looked around for some ideas and happened across this which had the kind of shape I was looking for, without having to create my own template. Score!!! As my purse frame was smaller at about 4" I printed it out to 55% scale. 

I've always loved how Oakshott looks different depending on how the light hits it and thought I would add pleats for a bit of detail and interest to the purse. So I added 1.5" to each half (on the centre fold) so that I could add three pleats to each half of the purse. I ironed the pleats into place and then sewed each exterior piece to sew in interfacing before making the purse up as per the instructions in the tutorial.
Small pleated purse by fabricandflowersuk
It only took a couple of hours to pull together (the pleats were a bit of a pita!), although I did cheat slightly by gluing it into the frame, rather than sewing (ever the rebel!). I'm really chuffed with how it came out and I think the pleats add an art-deco look to it. It's not the biggest of purses but enough for the essentials!
And the inside...just big enough for essentials by fabricandflowersuk
Back soon with the knitted shawl!


Todays sky ● a real mix today, but lots of blue skies in the afternoon


made by ChrissieD said...

Looks even more fab close up than in your previous post. Crazy about the oakshots and pleats and great choice for the lining :D

Isisjem said...

Looks fab and I like the pleat detailing. I'd often thought Oakshotts would make a great framed purse because they have the luxury look of a silk but are more robust feeling.

joanne said...

I love the shimmer of the Oakshott and that lining is perfect!!

Elita en Suisse said...

You are just the coolest person I know! I love that purse and think it's the perfect match for your elegant dress. Wish you would sew clothes for me. :-) Well done-Again!

Flying Blind... said...

Very pretty.
Did you get glue-oozage out of the sewing holes?

Lynne said...

Gorgeous! I love those pleats.

Florence said...

Great purse !!

mammafairy said...

Really love this purse! Oakshott makes it really special

Kay said...

This is stunning.

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