Weekend Reflections

Hello all!

How are you doing? I've been Missing In Action sewing up a storm for the craft fair I mentioned in my last post. Although it's been a frantic few weeks I've been really enjoying all the sewing and having something to aim for. 

Unfortunately, it was a bust! My stall was quite colourful compared to many others and it turns out that although it was a dedicated craft fair people weren't interested in the things that I'd made: I could take it personally having put my heart and soul into making lovely items, that some people wrinkled their noses and walked away. I choose to remain objective and optimistic though! 

All of life's experiences are a learning curve and the marketing side of me can't help but go over whether or not I could have displayed things differently (which I'm sure I could have done), if my prices were right (always contentious!) and if it was the right type of craft fair for my items (which I don't think it was!). I was talking to one of my fellow stall holders who said that although she's seen lots of hand-sewn items mine were 'quirky'. By this I assume she meant I used fabrics other than ditsy florals (!) but it did amuse me a little!!!
The beginnings of a lace shawl!

So I'm going to indulge in some selfish sewing and knitting! I've still got an evening dress to make (less than four weeks to go now!) and a lace shawl to finish.

Mimi by Moda
More excitingly, next month I'm organising the Siblings Together Quilt Bee. I've received a lovely bundle of Moda Mimi, isn't it gorgeous? I've got a plan of what to do and will be trying out a block tomorrow to see if my maths holds up!


Todays sky ‚óŹ overcast, grey, miserable and rainy. Urgh!

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