Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Weekend Reflections

Hello all!

How are you doing? I've been Missing In Action sewing up a storm for the craft fair I mentioned in my last post. Although it's been a frantic few weeks I've been really enjoying all the sewing and having something to aim for. 

Unfortunately, it was a bust! My stall was quite colourful compared to many others and it turns out that although it was a dedicated craft fair people weren't interested in the things that I'd made: I could take it personally having put my heart and soul into making lovely items, that some people wrinkled their noses and walked away. I choose to remain objective and optimistic though! 

All of life's experiences are a learning curve and the marketing side of me can't help but go over whether or not I could have displayed things differently (which I'm sure I could have done), if my prices were right (always contentious!) and if it was the right type of craft fair for my items (which I don't think it was!). I was talking to one of my fellow stall holders who said that although she's seen lots of hand-sewn items mine were 'quirky'. By this I assume she meant I used fabrics other than ditsy florals (!) but it did amuse me a little!!!
The beginnings of a lace shawl!

So I'm going to indulge in some selfish sewing and knitting! I've still got an evening dress to make (less than four weeks to go now!) and a lace shawl to finish.

Mimi by Moda
More excitingly, next month I'm organising the Siblings Together Quilt Bee. I've received a lovely bundle of Moda Mimi, isn't it gorgeous? I've got a plan of what to do and will be trying out a block tomorrow to see if my maths holds up!


Todays sky ● overcast, grey, miserable and rainy. Urgh!


Isisjem said...

Oh pants about the craft fair. Years ago as a teenager I made tonnes of jewellery for a village craft fair and didn't even cover my table costs and got landed with more earrings than I'd ever want. I have to say I'm nervous of making to sell because of pricing etc. Also people outside our community often don't get modern or unusual fabrics. They often just want Cath Kidson style. But don't take this experiences as a poor reflection of your makes - only the people at the craft fair!

Lisa said...

Craft fairs are funny things aren't they?! People can be unwittingly hurtful in their opinions of our craftsmanship. And I agree, pricing is a nightmare! It's the thing I struggle with the most in this whole " trying to make money from something I love" melarky

Lisa said...

(Cont)...sorry...too much to say obviously!
Lisa (StrawberryJack) x

Sarah Lou said...

Your stall looks gorgeous to me, I'd have bought your stuff!

Nicky said...

The stamp is awesome Sonia!

If you are 'quirky' then you were probably not in the right place - I'm sure it takes time to find a good venue. I wish you every success somewhere else!

Looking forward to meeting Mimi!

Jo Jo said...

What a bummer! Well just goes to show that you can't buy taste :) Don't know if you read Judith's blog, but here's a link about a craft fair that she did last year that raises some similar points http://www.needlesandlemons.com/2012/09/so-how-was-it-then.html. Can't wait to see what your plan is for the ST quilt. I'm sure it will be fabulous!

pennydog said...

All craft fairs are awful, they took a dive around 8 years ago. I used to sell jewellery but found I only made money when I sold food. They're a day out for people, no one actually buys anything unless it costs about £1 and everyone else under prices what they make which makes the whole industry self-distructive. It is NOT a reflection of what you make. Also the organisers expect people to just appear and don't market it very well, and the indiscriminate nature of accepting bookings (too much jewellery, too fuddy duddy, etc, etc) makes them their own worst enemy. I have a lot of experience in this area...

Thomasina Tittlemouse said...

So sorry to read about your experience with the craft fair. What a disappointment but as your other commenters have already said and as you are already very sensibly doing - take not a scrap of notice. I fear lack of sales reflects badly on the punters not on you. I've never forgotten an interview with the Duchess of Devonshire talking about Chatsworth and the shop there that the Duchess herself oversaw. The interviewer asked her how she chose stock for the shop and she said that originally she'd stocked the shop with things she'd like to buy herself and nothing sold so she changed tack and filled the shop also with tack and tat and the stuff sold like hot cakes! Very instructive! I fear the great British public does not always exhibit much taste. I think Pennydog's comments absolutely hit the nail on the head. It''s sad that it's like this but it certainly isn't you. Anyway I am seriously impressed by your good sense not to take it to heart and look forward to seeing more of your lovely makes on here! E x
PS Hope your Mum is doing OK - I've been thinking of her.

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