November Siblings Together Block - Giant Cross & Plus Block

Unbelievably, we're just a few hours away from November and it's my turn to chop up all the fabric and sew all the blocks together for Siblings Together.

I received from Moda some lovely Mimi...

...and then spent a while deliberating what block to actually do. I've always liked the x&+ block and thought it would be fun to ask everyone to make one giant block that will be 20" when finished. 

I'm not going to do a tutorial as there is already a fabulous one over at Badskirt so instead I'm going to give you the details here for turning it into a giant block which will measure 20.5" before joining. And I've been trying to channel my inner Lynne by playing with Touchdraw in an attempt to give you clear & pretty pictures!

To make this block you will need to cut.....

Cutting instruction for a 20" x&+ block by fabricandflowersuk

And then join them together following the tutorial (although here's a pic because I got a little carried away in touchdraw!) 

Putting the giant x&+ block together by fabricandflowersuk

Being a bigger block, one thing I found helpful was using a pin to match the diagonal seams of the cross corners - particularly when joining the central strip to the two outer strips - as a little difference at one end can be quite a big difference by the time you get to the end of the strip (I may be talking from experience here....!!!!)

And here's my November Bee Block - isn't the Mimi gorgeous?!
Giant x&+ block by fabricandflowersuk

I can't wait to get all the blocks back and hope you have fun making it!

S x

Todays sky ‚óŹ overcast and miserable. Meh!

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