Thursday, 31 October 2013

November Siblings Together Block - Giant Cross & Plus Block

Unbelievably, we're just a few hours away from November and it's my turn to chop up all the fabric and sew all the blocks together for Siblings Together.

I received from Moda some lovely Mimi...

...and then spent a while deliberating what block to actually do. I've always liked the x&+ block and thought it would be fun to ask everyone to make one giant block that will be 20" when finished. 

I'm not going to do a tutorial as there is already a fabulous one over at Badskirt so instead I'm going to give you the details here for turning it into a giant block which will measure 20.5" before joining. And I've been trying to channel my inner Lynne by playing with Touchdraw in an attempt to give you clear & pretty pictures!

To make this block you will need to cut.....

Cutting instruction for a 20" x&+ block by fabricandflowersuk

And then join them together following the tutorial (although here's a pic because I got a little carried away in touchdraw!) 

Putting the giant x&+ block together by fabricandflowersuk

Being a bigger block, one thing I found helpful was using a pin to match the diagonal seams of the cross corners - particularly when joining the central strip to the two outer strips - as a little difference at one end can be quite a big difference by the time you get to the end of the strip (I may be talking from experience here....!!!!)

And here's my November Bee Block - isn't the Mimi gorgeous?!
Giant x&+ block by fabricandflowersuk

I can't wait to get all the blocks back and hope you have fun making it!

S x

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Bloggers Quilt Festival - a Baby Quilt

Over the past year, I've seen and swooned over the many gorgeous quilts that have been shown in the Bloggers Quilt Festival and this time round I thought I'd join in the fun and add a baby quilt into the mix!

This is probably the fourth quilt that I've made (and by that, I mean finished!) and it's made with the first lot of fabric that I ever bought when I started my quilting journey: a pack of 10" Amy Butler squares. I'd used some of it to make draught excluders, and the rest of the fabric got hand-cut into 4.5" (ish!) squares and a few strips with the idea of making a chair cushion. Then they sat in a cupboard for a year or so....

I came across them the other week when I was having a sort out of my sewing space and after a bit of a play and a think, I realised that I would be able to make it all into a baby blanket. I re-squared all my squares (!), paired the strips with some Kona Snow and then sewed them all together.
Baby Quilt by fabricandflowersuk
I'm so happy with how the top worked out! The pairing of the Amy Butler/Kona Snow strips was a bit of a happy accident but I think it's helped to balance out the colours.
Baby Quilt by fabricandflowersuk
I had a meter of Amy Butler for the backing and the quilting was done in a spiral. The binding is some Kona turquoise that I had lying around.

So, stats;

Fabric - Amy Butler and Kona
Wadding - 80/20 Hobbs Heirloom
Measures - 36" x 36"

Now I just need a friend to have a baby!!!!!!

Thanks for popping by and don't forget to go and check out all the other fabulous quilts in the festival!


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Saturday, 26 October 2013

October Siblings Together Bee Block ✔

As it's still just about October I thought I would show you the block I made for Siblings Together using the lovely Barcelona by Moda

Mary asked us to make four 10.5" string blocks using this tutorial with a strip of cream used for the central strip to yield a block of 20". It's going to make a fabulous quilt I think!

A big thank you to our lovely sponsors.....




Have a great weekend,


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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Weekend Reflections

Hello all!

How are you doing? I've been Missing In Action sewing up a storm for the craft fair I mentioned in my last post. Although it's been a frantic few weeks I've been really enjoying all the sewing and having something to aim for. 

Unfortunately, it was a bust! My stall was quite colourful compared to many others and it turns out that although it was a dedicated craft fair people weren't interested in the things that I'd made: I could take it personally having put my heart and soul into making lovely items, that some people wrinkled their noses and walked away. I choose to remain objective and optimistic though! 

All of life's experiences are a learning curve and the marketing side of me can't help but go over whether or not I could have displayed things differently (which I'm sure I could have done), if my prices were right (always contentious!) and if it was the right type of craft fair for my items (which I don't think it was!). I was talking to one of my fellow stall holders who said that although she's seen lots of hand-sewn items mine were 'quirky'. By this I assume she meant I used fabrics other than ditsy florals (!) but it did amuse me a little!!!
The beginnings of a lace shawl!

So I'm going to indulge in some selfish sewing and knitting! I've still got an evening dress to make (less than four weeks to go now!) and a lace shawl to finish.

Mimi by Moda
More excitingly, next month I'm organising the Siblings Together Quilt Bee. I've received a lovely bundle of Moda Mimi, isn't it gorgeous? I've got a plan of what to do and will be trying out a block tomorrow to see if my maths holds up!


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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Stamp It Up Swap

I mentioned a little while ago how Nicky had been a very bad influence setting up a swap for fabric stamping and showed you some stamps that I'd had a play with.

I'd been thinking of doing a different stamp but my swap partner commented on my Flickr picture that she loved my attempt at seed heads so I set to and printed some fabric, using an off white for the base (I think it's putty as it came in a scrap pack that I picked up from Justine at FQR)

Not long after I'd signed up for the swap I was reading through some blogs and saw Rachel's fabulous Mini Open Wide Pouch and thought it would make the perfect gift. Who doesn't love a mini pouch?!
Hand stamped mini open-wide pouch by fabricandflowersuk

I used a navy for the bottom and added some red running stitch along the edge which in retrospect I should have done with a slightly thicker thread as it doesn't really show up as much as I would have liked.

We weren't meant to include any gifts with the swap but I knew from a good bit of stalking that Amy was building a wonky village so thought I would make a little wonky tree.

I had so much fun making this for Amy and look at the amazing printed notebook that I received from Lisa (Gertie Pye). Isn't it amazing? I just love the stamping, it's so me!
Stamp It Up Journal cover
Hand printed journal cover by Gertiepye

Yesterday I had another little play, I'm thinking of using it to stamp a logo on bags for the craft fair

Thanks so much to Nicky & Helen for organising the swap and to Lisa for sending me such a lovely gift.

S x

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