Setting myself a challenge

I've always liked to challenge myself: looking at things and thinking "sure, I can do that, how hard can it be?!". Sometimes it works out okay, other times not so much!!!

So the latest challenge I've set myself?! Well we've been invited to a long-service black-tie do for Mr f&f at a posh hotel with a stop-over. Exciting on so many levels!! I can't remember the last time I got all dressed up and we get a night away.

But there is a flip-side: it's the first 'do' I've been to since becoming a full-time mum and there's a little bit of me that's a tad nervous - what will I talk about?! So I figured a good talking point might be saying 'I make things, like my dress!'

I searched high and low for a pattern and eventually settled on Vogue 8358: I like the simplicity of the dress's lines and the straps at the back (though I suspect I may not make the front V quite so deep...and am not even going to start worrying about what kind of bra I'm going to have to try and find!). And as a bonus it's rated Very Easy!

I'm also going to have a go at making a shawl to go over the top as I always get cold. I don't often do lace, but I love this pattern and I think it will work up really well with the yarn I got from Wonderwool earlier this year. And if I get time maybe I'll make a purse with some Oakshott cotton I've got laying around. So not too much to do then!

And because I figured that wasn't enough of a challenge I've also signed up for a Craft & Gift fair on the 19th October in Tewkesbury. Eek! It's going to be all hands to deck over the next few weeks to get everything sorted!

Oh, and if the dress doesn't work out? Some friends have said I can raid their wardrobes. Always good to have a back up!

If anyone has any tips for the evening dress of craft fair, I'd love to hear them!

Hope you're all having a great weekend,

S x

Todays sky ‚óŹ gorgeous blue with the occasional cloud. The perfect day!

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