The last few days have been mostly about....

.....getting excited that spring might just be on it's way!!!!! I have started to see blossom on trees and at the weekend we planted an apple tree in our garden. It looked quite big when we got it but now I'm starting to think it could be a little while until we get any apples (not helped by the fact that the Littlies are now fascinated by it and seem to gravitate to it at every opportunity. I fear it may not last the year!)

....knitting away on my Mara shawl. I'm on the border now, which is over 400+ stitches a row. I'm not a fast knitter so I'm doing a little bit every now and then and it's slowly getting there...

....pulling fabric for the next Skill Builder BOMs. I have to confess, that I'm struggling with chosing fabrics for this months blocks and have started questioning the fabrics that I've chosen. Some of the patterns are quite big/bold and I'm starting to worry a little about they're going to work with some of the more fiddly blocks. Still, I'm taking my time to choose and hoping I make the right decisions!!!

....playing with some threads and fabric for an idea I'm toying with......hopefully more on this soon!

See you all soon,

S x

Todays sky ‚óŹ mostly overcast but there was some glorious blue sky in the afternoon!

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