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Have you seen the new Colette Laurel top that came out a couple of weeks back? It's a simple shift, with different options for dress/top and sleeve lengths. Sarai's even been kind enough to put together a booklet with lots of different ideas in for other alterations that could be made.

I was debating the pattern, then after seeing Sarah had bought the pattern and also that they're running an awesome competition I decided to jump right in too (not that I'm a sheep or anything!). The perfect Easter Weekend project.

I'd bought this fabric back last year with the idea of making another Tova shirt. It's such a bold and busy pattern - which always puts me in mind of Austin Powers! - that I wasn't sure it it would really work as a shirt. The Laurel seemed the perfect alternative!

I cut out a size 2, and from my experience of making the Sorbetto, made a few alterations straight away:
I graded the shoulder seam from 2 on the outside edge to 0 on the neckline, as it seemed quite a steep slope. I also added extra length to the body and sleeve which I tend to do as a matter of course so that I can adjust as necessary.

On a whim, I decided to add the keyhole from the extra's book, I tried it on once I'd done the seams and the keyhole seemed a bit more of a well.....peep hole! I just felt like it drew all the attention to the centre of my cleavage (not that there's much there, but I don't necessarily want people to notice that, right?!). So I decided that cutting out a scoop neck would be a waaaaay better choice. Obviously!

Once I'd sorted out the neckline, I hand finished the binding around the collar and cuffs with a ready-made light-grey binding which echoes the grey in the fabric, and I'm hoping adds a bit of calm to the pattern. I've not previously hand-sewn my clothes and found it a relaxing way to finish the top and made it slightly more sociable as I could sit with Mr f&f and watch a movie, rather than work away at the machine!

For anyone that's thinking of making this, you definitely should - it's a lovely pattern to sew and the top comes together really quickly.

Would you like to see it?! Ta-dahhh!
Colette Laurel v4 by fabricandflowersuk

Colette Laurel v4 by fabricandflowersuk
I did french seams throughout and have to say I feel rather proud of just how neat it is on the inside!
Inside of Colette Laurel v4 by fabricandflowersuk

I'm really pleased with how the neckline came out in the end*. Although it's lower than I probably would have gone with naturally, it's not so low that it's indecent (I don't think!). I think it also works really well with the fabric as it gives a bit of space between the top and my face, if that makes any sense?! The fit is brilliant....probably the closest fit around the arms that I've ever had on any of the tops that I've made, and yet it still feels comfortable to wear! That's not to say that when I make it again, I may well grade the armstyce down to the next size just to give a bit of wiggle room. In retrospect I wonder if I should have added a scoop front and back hem, but maybe next time!

* having watched The Great British Sewing Bee on Tuesday I'm not sure how my top would be judged......has the scoop made my neckline unstable? Are my sleeves evenly set? Are the seams even or dragged? Or maybe that's my own paranoia?!

So, back to my original post, and all the details...

Pattern::: Colette Laurel V4, PDF
Fabric::: I think I probably used just a metre of this fabric
Size::: 0/2 for shoulders, armstyce and back darts, 2 for the bust darts and side seams, 4 for length
Mods::: graded the shoulder seam from 0 to 2 so that they weren't quite so 'sharp', added 3/4" to sleeve length, and a scoop neckline.

So there we go, my first Spring Top of 2013! Are you tempted to try the Laurel? If so, Sarah and I might be doing a mini-sew along soon as we both fancy making a dress - let us know if you'd like to join in. The more the merrier!

See you soon,

S x

Todays sky - grey, miserable and freezing. Managed some blue skies just before bedtime though!

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