Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sewing a Renfrew!

It was so exciting just before Christmas - I won a giveaway! It was my first ever giveaway win and it was an amazing one: Josie over at Fabric Godmother was giving away a copy of the Sewaholic Renfrew pattern and some beautiful Roma Jersey fabric. And you have to check out Dinky Bo - the rabbit that chose lucky ol' me: he's my favouritest bunny in the whole world!!!!!

My parcel arrived very quickly and there was sooo much fabric. I was in heaven! It was my first experience of Roma Jersey and I have to say it is a beautiful fabric: it has a good feel, drape and weight - I'm not sure that it would have been possible to have sewn anything bad with it! It's perfect for winter tops and I think it would probably make a nice skirt as well.

Anyway, enough of my fabric gushing, on to the Renfrew! For the first time, I traced the pattern instead of cutting it the past I've made alterations and rely on written notes for next time, whereas if I can alter the pattern pieces it will probably lead to a lot less mistakes! I traced straight onto greaseproof paper, and it worked really well, although possibly I could have used more professional pattern weights....!!!!

The pattern instructions were very easy to follow. The only bit I was a little confused with initially was the need for stay-tape as I've never used it before. Thankfully I found this blog post which covered everything I needed to know! I couldn't find any stay-tape at my local haberdashers so used a fabric selvedge which I sewed in as per the instructions.

I zig-zagged over the edge of the selvedge and fray-stopped over the bottom edge for added security

For now the shoulder seams don't have any give, so I guess only time will tell as to how hard-wearing the selvedges will be. And in the meantime I'll keep an eye out for some stay tape for when I next need it!

So, would you like to see it?! Here we go - ta dah!

And the back. The collar takes a little bit of adjusting to get right, and as you can see it's a little bit skewiff here!

And a close up of the cowl neck and shoulder seams. I have to say I'm pretty chuffed with my top-stitching there...

And the sleeve. This is the only thing that I think I might go back and modify - it just feels a bit too loose given the fit of the top, so I may go back and redo this at some point...grading it down a size from the elbow to the wrist and redoing the cuff a size smaller would fix the problem I think.

So, details

Pattern - Sewaholic Renfrew
Fabric - Roma Jersey, Forest Marl
Size - 6
Mods - none!

It was such a great top to make and I'm so happy with the fit. It feels perfect! I cut quite economically from the fabric and think I might even be able to squeeze a shorter sleeved version for spring!

This was my first time using a Sewaholic pattern and I will certainly be trying out some of there others. I am really tempted by the Minoru Jacket - if it fits half as well as the Renfrew I think I would wear it constantly! I might need to get a bit more dress-making under my belt though I think!

Thank you so much Josie!

S x

Todays sky ● this afternoon there was blue sky. Whoo hoo!!!!!


Lynne said...

Wowzers!! Your Renfrew is fantastic! The fit is great and I love the colour. I haven't used jersey before because it scares me.

Sarah said...

Starburst? My kind of pattern weights. Love the Renfrew, I'm the same as Lynne, never used jersey its too scary

Sonia said...

Ah, thanks Lynne :) I can't believe that you've never sewn with jersey before, just because you've made so many fantastic things! I think the scariest bit is cutting it out, but as long as you don't stretch it, and use the stretch stitch on your machine it really is easy. You should so give it a go - it will open up a whole load of dress-making possibilities!!! x

Sonia said...

Lol! And would you believe me if I said I didn't eat one?! Jersey really isn't scary - you should try it! x

Marelize Ries said...

WOW, and you made it? It looks store bought!! Well done!

snufflecrafts said...

Looks really lovely Sonia - very professional. Pinching the kids sweets is a bit mean though! xxx

made by ChrissieD said...

This looks incredible Sonia, go you and it looks fab on you :)

Sonia said...

That's the greatest compliment! Thanks Marelize :) x

Sonia said...

Would you believe me if I said I didn't eat one?!

Sonia said...

Thanks Chrissie :)

Zoe said...

Congrats! That Renfrew looks amazing, and super-wearable xx

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