Grey days

It's been a melancholy week: aside from one day of sunshine the weather has been grey, drab and cold and I have to say that my mood seems to have sunk to a similar level.

There are signs of spring everywhere though to give hope and provide much needed snippets of colour and a tease of the more beautiful days to come. I've been really enjoying all the snowdrops that I've been seeing around and the daffodils getting ready to bloom.

Another thing cheering me up is my new slippers. It's a running joke between Mr f&f and I that I go through slippers at a phenomenal rate and clearly spend too much time shuffling around inside - but these make me smile everytime I look down and I really don't mind staying in for just a little bit longer!!!!

I have managed a little bit of crafting. In my continued bid to try and organise things a bit more I made myself a jewellery holder using a 50p thrifted frame, some cup hooks (about 20p) and some fabric I had lying around. It's working quite well and as I can now see my necklaces I'm wearing them a lot more!
Jewellery holder by fabric&flowersuk

And finally (but by no means unimportantly!) I've been hook, hook, hooking away at the border of the sky blanket and.......(trumpet fanfare)..... I finished it today! Can you believe it?! Finally finished! Whoo hooooo!!! A few little bits of tidying up and it will be ready for it's Ta-Dah. I can't even begin to describe how good it feels to have completed it.

I hope you're finding some snippets of colour in your everyday

S x

Todays sky ‚óŹ grey, overcast. Miserable!

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