Saturday, 29 December 2012

Some Christmas gifts....

Did you make many gifts for Christmas? I made a few. Not as many as I would have really liked to do, but a few. And I thought I'd share with you a quilt that I made.

I really wanted to made something special for my in-laws - they've been so supportive in what has been quite a tricky year that has included lots of changes and some shocks along the way. When I went to the Knitting and Stiching show I came across a  Jelly Roll in one of their favourite colours and thought "Oh, a jelly roll quilt, that would make a lovely gift"

The thing was, once I thought about it, I didn't just want to do another Jelly Roll quilt, and fancied trying something different. After a bit of looking I came across a Garden Trellis patchwork block where you pair light and dark strips together. I made tubes of four strips, rather than six, but the principal is the same!

The quilt top took a bit longer to put together than I expected - not helped by a few miscalculations along the way - but eventually I was ready to start with the quilting and decided to go with some random stippling.
Christmas gift quilt by fabric&flowersuk

I took a-g-e-s taping the backing fabric down before pinning and do you know what, I still ended up with some bunching on the back that I had to rectify. Grrr! One of my goals for 2013 is to refine my quilting skills. At one point I even sewed through my finger.....certainly not something I'd recommend! Thankfully it didn't ruin the quilt but it certainly made me stop and think for a bit. Ouch!!!! (although I do feel like I've passed some kind of sewers initiation?!)

Would you like to see how it all came out in the end?! I forgot to measure the finished size, but it was something around 55"x55"
Christmas gift quilt by fabric&flowersuk

Because of all the blue, I went for a simple grey binding with a small flower print on it, which I think complemented the quilt top well. 
Christmas gift quilt by fabric&flowersuk

The quilt top was wider than my backing fabric so I added in some pieced strips with the remaining jelly roll strips and off-cuts to make the quilt back the right size. I think it helps to add some interest.
Christmas gift quilt by fabric&flowersuk

Thankfully my in-laws were over the moon and loved it!
Christmas gift quilt by fabric&flowersuk

I hope you're having a great Christmas holiday and see you soon with some of my spoils from the past few days! 

S x

Todays sky ● grey. More rain


Daffy Suburbia said...

Wow - that quilt is amazing. What a talent to have and what patience it must take. Lucky in-laws:) x

Thomasina Tittlemouse said...

What a beautiful quilt! No wonder your in-laws were over the moon! Sewing through your finger sounds quite a price to pay though! Even for something as beautiful as this! Happy Days, Sonia! E x

Sonia said...

Thanks Daffy :) It's a lot easier than it looks - down to very clever cutting!!! x

Sonia said...

Sewing through my finger wasn't my proudest moment, although luckily it wasn't anything too serious and has healed very quickly. Thanks for your lovely comments on the quilt x

Lynne said...

It's fantastic!! No wonder your in-laws loved it! And sewing through your finger is making my eyes water just thinking about it...

rosyhill said...

I drool over your amazing quilts! Your lucky in laws. One day I shall make one too. :-)

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