Wednesday, 5 December 2012

November in Crochet

I was anticipating posting this on the 1st December, now that I'm all caught up and everything, but general busyness with the build up to (whispers) Christmas meant that by the time I thought to take any photo's the light was really rubbish and wouldn't have done the blanket any justice!

Today I wrote myself a to-do list (as suggested by my 6yr old!) so here we finally are. I have to say that I can't believe there's only another 18 days to ripple away before I make a start on the border. December seems to have come around mightily quickly.

November started off with lots of promise.....
Taken on a day trip to Monmouth

....and was then followed by lots of this....

I even started to make a start on all of those pesky ends so that November is truly 'finished' which is very exciting! (let's not mention the non-straight side there, I'm hoping the border will straighten everything up!)
Sky Blanket by fabric&flowers

I love how the blanket looks from different angles and its gentle ripples, so soothing to look at as well as to hook.
Sky Blanket by fabric&flowers

Although I haven't got a picture to show you, I can't quite believe how big this half of the blanket is getting now - I don't remember the other half being this long? I'm going to have to do a little photo shoot of the sky blanket in it's entirety - I'm excited about laying them together side by side but am hoping that my tension hasn't changed and that the sides are going to match together nicely!!!

I hope you've all had a lovely day and maybe even got to enjoy a little snow? Now that we're in Gloucester the closest that we got today was a little bit of drizzle and quite a lot of sunshine,

See you all soon,


Todays sky ● blue! But very very cold!


Textureknit said...

Hope your settling in we'll to your new lovely home.

Lynne said...

The blanket is looking great, and the border will definately cover up the edges!!

Sonia said...

Yes thanks Sara, slowly getting there! Great to hear from you, it's been ages! Hope you've been keeping well? Sx

Sonia said...

Thanks Lynne, and thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed though!

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