Celebrating Autumn

I love Autumn. Spring's a close second, but Autumn tops my list: they're both seasons of in-betweens with the promise of opportunities, but Autumn has the rich changing colour of leaves, and a slight chill to the air which gives you pink cheeks when you're out for a walk, as well as the opportunity to wear some of the many hats/scarfs/hand warmers that I've knitted up over the years!!!

The week before half term we were walking back on quite a mild afternoon. Looking at all the pretty leaves that had fallen, I remembered reading of different ways of preserving leaves so we set to collecting as many as we could

Once home, we sorted through the leaves and kept only those that looked to be in the best condition 

They were then soaked for a few days in a mix of glycerine and water, although I used a big bowl because I had quite a few leaves!

After about 4 days, I drained the leaves off and then layered them between pieces of kitchen towel to dry them before they were ready to be made into a garland.

I threaded them all on to a length of twine, varying the distance, length, colour and types of leaf to give as much variation as possible. It was lots of fun if not a bit more time consuming than I'd imagined!
But I'm so happy with how they came out! They are a garland of pure whimsy: a celebration of autumn hanging above my kitchen window: something that makes me smile each time I walk into the ktichen.

They've been there nearly two weeks now and some of them are starting to curl a little. But once I've taken them down I'm hoping that I'll be able to flatten them and bring them out again next year. This was such an easy and fun project to do with the Littlies and I think is probably my first attempt at a Pretty Crafty Home in our new house.

I hope you're having a lovely autumnal day!

S x

Todays sky ‚óŹ blue with clouds

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