Friday, 30 November 2012

A Modern Merlin?!

I started on this Lisette Portfolio top back in September when I was eager to try out my new dress-making scissors (which are awesome by the way!)

I was using a very thin cord as I wanted a top that would be perfect for winter wear - I like my layers! - and went for contrasting pockets which, okay no-one else is going to see but me, but it's a bit of fun!

The pattern is quite straightforward to follow. And I loved how the pockets come together. The main issue that I had was with fitting the yoke to the top - the central section was too big by nearly 5/8" on each side! After doing lots of double checks of all my seams and re-reading the instructions a few times I resorted to the blogosphere. I found that quite a few people had experienced this issue so I chopped off the excess and carried on as normal. I also made a minor adjustment to the instructions for the button loops - the cord was just too thick to turn inside out so I folded it up like bias binding and then top-stitched.

I used some small black buttons and my top was finally done. Ta-da!
Lisette Portfolio by fabric&flowers

I have to confess that its a little snugger than I thought it would be. The ease on the pattern envelope suggested that I would be swimming in it and I took quite a while deliberating which size to actually go for (I went for a 10 in the end). In reality the dress fits well, which I suspect is partly down to using a cord fabric which is a little bit 'sticky' and hasn't got a lot of flow due to it's thickness.
Lisette Portfolio by fabric&flowers

And I do love my secret surprise pockets. Perfect for all those tissues that I'll be needing for the sniffle season! The gathering around the neck is such a clever detail - I'm not sure that I'd ever go for contrasting fabrics as per the pattern suggestion as it's a bit bold for my own dress sense, but I might well be a bit more adventurous with my fabric choices next time I do this pattern
Lisette Portfolio by fabric&flowers

And this is how I'll probably wear it, layered up with a scarf!
Lisette Portfolio by fabric&flowers

Because of using the cord fabric I spend quite a lot of time cutting out the excess fabric, and even modified the sleeve construction so as to reduce the amount of thickness that was there.

When I first modelled it for Mr f&f he did admit to thinking that it looked like I was going to be an extra for Merlin! Still I'm going to believe that Merlin is actually Modern and wear it with pride anyway!


Todays sky ● overcast. Boo!


Thomasina Tittlemouse said...

Love this Sonia! And what a lovely fabric to make it in - perfect for winter days ahead either on its own or layered up if it's really cold. I adore needlecord but have only made skirts in it - must try a top like this. Those pockets are the business - just knowing that there is that cheery fabric hidden inside is happy and feel-good news for the wearer! Have a lovely weekend wearing this! E x

Suzie said...

Lovely dress, I love the colour. No round tables to be seen.

Sonia said...

Aw thanks E - I have to say the pocket construction is awesome!!! I love cord too, I don't know what it is about it, it's just lovely! Now I just need to get me some of those thick wollen tights like the ones you were wearing the other week.....!!!!! Hope you have a lovely weekend too x

Sonia said...

Yep, I'll definitely have to point out the lack of round tables to Mr f&f! Thanks for your lovely comments x

motherof5 said...

I love this in cord,I made several in denim but cord is so much nicer.
x N

Lynne said...

Wowzers!! It's gorgeous! I love cord and purple, so it's win win, and the contrast pockets are great. Happy wearing! :)

Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

It's fabulous! Love the colour and the style. It may be 'Merlin' but I'd wear it too with no hesitation! :)

S x

Sonia said...

Ohh, denim...I bet that's really comfy? Thanks for visiting x

Sonia said...

Ah thanks Lynne :) Purples always a winner for me too :) Sx

Sonia said...

Thanks Sandra. I still need to go and get myself very thick tights so that I can wear it on these chilly cold days x

Nina said...

So nice! I just managed to get this pattern at a bargain price... So now I can't decide whether to use my babycord for this or the Tova I'd planned. And by the way, I think Merlin himself and the peasant extras are super stylish!!

Sonia said...

Oooh, I love a bargain! And what a conundrum - a Tova in cord would be lovely! I'll keep my eyes peeled to see what you chose! Sx

Laura C @ littleandlots said...

I have been eyeballing a dress like this in the Boden catalog. It'd be so much more fun to make my own! (maybe I can scare up some of that Denyse Schmidt corduroy from last fall...) It is so flattering on you and I love the colors of the dress and the top together.

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