New Beginnings

You may have noticed that I've been alluding to 'changes afoot' in the f&f household for a while now. It's been quite a long journey - if I'm honest a little bit too long. We decided back at the beginning of the year that we would like to move and we had the opportunity to look at lots of different areas which led us to thinking that we would make a Big Move. Ohhh, we looked far and wide I can tell you! Spent way too many hours travelling around viewing beautiful parts of the country and deciding that no, it just wasn't quite right for us. The Littlies were fairly tolerant of it all (look mummy there's a house, shall we have a look at it?!) although it did require lots of in-car bribery (and consequential cleaning of the car). Eventually, in March we happened across a little place - with the glorious magnolia trees - and amazingly we bought a house. I like to think its meant to be.

It's taken a while to come together as we bought a house off plan when it was at foundation level, and as you can tell from the sky blanket the weather was not always conducive to laying bricks!

Finally our new house is ready for us to move in too and today our life's belongings were packed into the back of a lorry. It does scare me slightly that despite the fact that I think we have waaaay too much stuff and struggle to keep my house in order we barely filled three quarters of a removals' van!

We're moving over 100 odd miles to the West of England to make a new home in Gloucestershire. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I was feeling nervous as well as very excited: saying goodbye to lots of good friends, taking Little Girl away from her school and moving further away from Mr f&f's parents. All Big Things that we've thought about long and hard. Although there is still a little bit that wonders 'are we doing the right thing?' we feel we are doing the best for our little family, and hopefully time will show this.

My sky view is going to change from this...

to this.....

I love our little garden - its very private with lots of mature trees so it's going to be very strange having such a wide and unbroken view across fields. I do love those hills in the background though, aren't they amazing? I reckon that there may be some spectacular sunsets to come.

Things might be a little bit slow over the next few weeks as we're going to be without broadband for a little while - gasp! Although I'll probably be too busy unpacking boxes to sew/crochet/knit much!?!

Hopefully I'll see you soon on the other side with a more organised house and raring to go with the Pretty Crafty Home challenge as I've still got a few months left!

See you soon,


Today's sky • blue with clouds

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