Feeling lucky

Oooohhhh, look at that: nearly a whole weeks' gone by! Time does seem to be passing very quickly at the moment.

Things have been very busy and hectic here in the f&f household, there's some changes afoot which are requiring lots of organisation (which is not my strongest skill - the creative and organised gene definitely skipped me!) and whispers I also had a birthday last week - a whole year older although I'm not sure a whole year wiser?!

I had a lovely day and felt very spoilt and lucky to have so many great and creative friends and family. I got some lovely hand-crafted gifts: a chain of crochet flowers which I've draped over the notice board in the kitchen. Anything to brighten the shopping list!

And can you see the beautiful turquoise flower up in the corner there? That was the gift tag(!) handmade by another friend who also made this wonderful card. I cannot imagine the time it took her to make this and really treasure it.

I was also lucky enough to get some fabric goodies - the much anticipated Hexa go-go with a fat quarter of some Pretty Little Things in one of my favourite colours. I'm thinking maybe a hexagon cushion once I've had a bit of a read. I also made a solo trip (in daylight hours - gasp! I turned the music up loud!!!) to the local fabric store: they run a loyalty scheme and I'd spent too much money and qualified for a voucher so I treated myself to a William Morris charm pack - there's something about the prints and colours that make my heart sing - and some co-ordinating Moda solids. My plan is to make a lap quilt for the lounge and I started off thinking hexagons but now I'm leaning towards a fan quilt as I reckon it will help the charm pack go further (aka make a bigger quilt!)

Looking at this though, it does look very autumnal doesn't it? I guess I'll have to crack on and then make a spring quilt as well?!

My final sewing related present were some proper dress-making scissors: I've been making do with cheap, do everything scissors for a while now but given my recent forays into dress-making I figured that some decent scissors would make the cutting-out process a whole lot easier. And look what went and happened.....I ended up cutting out my Portfolio Tunic whilst trying them out. Oops! I've even been a bit adventurous and I'm going to have a go at using the paisley fabric for some cheeky pocket lining!

And to top off all of my exciting presents I got a new purple camera. Did I mention that it's purple? And that I got a purple case to put my purple camera in?!?! I've only had a little play with it so far (not yet read the instruction leaflet) but it's F-A-B and I'm loving it!!!

I hope you've all had a great week and hope to see you soon, 

S x

Todays sky ‚óŹ blue sky with some clouds. A beautiful day!

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