Sunday, 19 August 2012

Another finished quilt!

In my last post i mentioned how my sewing machine was going in for a service...although I felt a bit jittery at the idea of not having my machine I had a list of things that I wanted to sort out (mainly re-organise my sewing room) and near-completed projects that I wanted to finish. Sadly I was wildly over-ambitious both in terms of the size of my list and the time:inclination ratio. I did make a start though - moving slightly closer to my goal of being able to fit all my craft books in my desk!

One of the projects I really wanted to finish was my jelly roll quilt which I started way back in April.

After that post I did rip out a couple of the seams and reposition the rows which wasn't entirely necessary, but did reduce some of the pooling and makes me feel happier with the quilt. I then added a border around the outside and added some brown fleece for the backing before quilting with wavy lines down each row of the blanket. I had my age old problem of not using enough pins and having some puckering but this was quickly rectified, and having done two quilts now I am learning that Pins Are the Key!

In the second photo (taken in May!) you can see where I've pinned the binding before I started to slowly sew it in place. But it took me a-g-e-s and eventually got interrupted by a quilt order and holidays and then sat neglected in the corner. 

So this weekend - being one of the hottest the year and all that! - felt like the ideal time to finish this off. The binding was completed last night and I have to say that having this draped over my lap whilst it was so hot was not my best idea athough it did give Mr f&f a laugh! All the ends were woven in today and it's even been washed and dried already!

So here it is, finally finished...
Jelly Roll race quilt by fabric&flowers

The colours and patterns still make my heart sing, I love that they dance on the retro/modern line. In case some of you are wondering why I went for a beige/brown border and backing it was mainly because Mr f&f was not too keen about having something "pink and flowery" in the living room which is where I wanted to put it so I tried to subdue the girliness just a little!
Jelly Roll race quilt by fabric&flowers

What I really like with this quilt is how when it's artfully draped  all scrunched up in a chair it has real character and that you get a glimpse of all the different fabrics that were used. I particularly love all the paisleys.
Jelly Roll race quilt by fabric&flowers

So, details;

Fabric ::: October Skies by Verna Mosquera for Freespirit jelly roll (40 strips); STOFF for edging; Brown fleece for back

Pattern ::: jelly roll race quilt - although I cut each of the jelly roll strips in half so that I would have more variation in each row

Time it took ::: I wrote down how long it took me to do each row and annoyingly I can't find the piece of paper anywhere. Grrr!!! If I find it whilst tidying my space I'll update this, but from memory I think it took around 45mins to join all the strips together and around 30mins to sew into the quilt top
ETA - I found my times! Just in case you're interested they were;
   Joining strips together - 44mins
   1st row - 36mins
   2nd row - 22mins
   3rd row - 14mins
   4th row - 8mins
   5th row - 4mins
   TOTAL - 3hrs 25mins (or 0.3 strips per minute!)

Finished size ::: 61" x 48"

I'm really pleased with it and will probably do another one at some point as they're quick and effective to make: an ideal present! And I'd definitely recommend it to someone thinking of having a go at making a quilt top - it's a great introduction to quilting.

For now though, I think I'll have to fold my blanket and tidy it away until the weather turns a bit cooler - although I'm already looking forward to snuggling underneath it!
Jelly Roll race quilt by fabric&flowers

I hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine and had a lovely weekend?!


Todays sky ● blue with clouds but very hot!


Thomasina Tittlemouse said...

Sonia your jelly roll quilt is wonderful! I love the way the fabrics work together and the colours are a gorgeous mix of pinks and naturals that is very versatile. Yes, it is a bit hot just at the moment to snuggle under it but not too hot to enjoy looking at it and before you know it cooler evenings will be upon us and you will be enjoying cosy time under it too! I loved reading your timings for making it - it's always interesting to have a peep into the mechanics of making something like this. Glad you found the crucial bit of paper! E x

Lynne said...

Your quilt is beautiful! The colours are lovely together. I know exactly what you mean about the list/time ratio - I do that too!! :)

Sonia said...

Thanks E! And I'm glad I found the timings too although I'm not sure that I'll be entering a race anytime soon as I believe the winning times are around 30-40mins for the whole thing!!!!! Sx

Sonia said...

Thanks Lynne! THe problem with the list/time ratio is that I never least I'm not alone?! Sx

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