This past week was mostly about...

...things I was going to do! I've planned to write at least two different posts and yet somehow life has conspired against me! So here we are in brief.....

...being struck by a chocolate craving and no inclination to leave the house. Instead being inspired to rummage around the cupboards to concuct a rocky-road cake, made with coco-pops because they were the only biscuity type things I had in the house!

...marvelling at the torrential rain we've been having (can you see how long the grass is?!)

...making some very special oven pads (from this tutorial) for a good friend who I met for dinner last week as something different to wine! My friend was diagnosed as being coeliac a few years back and frustrated by the lack of yummy tasting treats, breads and cereals has set up Perk!er to make gorgeous gluten free foods. I've been lucky enough to have been given lots of samples (for tasting purposes, you understand!) so I wanted to make something in return that had their brand colours and logo on.

The tutorial was easy enough to follow - if I did them again I would make them slightly bigger - but the binding is a lot trickier than it first seems. They came out quite well though and my friend was very pleased with them, which was the main thing!

...realising that I'm not as happy with my continental blouse as I thought (my fault for Just Doing It instead of making a muslin first) and deciding that the seam ripper needs to come out again so that I can take the sleeves in a bit and lower the bust dart slightly. Ah well, better to get it right and wear it than to have it languish in the cupboard. Hopefully the adjustments won't take long to make.

Finally, I'd also like to mention a blog friend who has just started Staystitching - a one stop shop for gorgeous dressmaking and quilting fabrics. I'm always inspired when people are frustrated enough about a lack of choice/spot an opportunity and Go For It, and Katy has got some lovely fabrics in stock. I'm trying to be very good at the moment and not add to my stash (at least for a few months!) but I'm not sure how long I'll be able to resist this......I mean, just one Fat Quarter wouldn't make that much difference. Would it?!

Hope you all had a top weekend,

S x

Todays sky ‚óŹ grey and rainy. Meh!

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