June (not) in crochet

It's not been a great month in terms of either the weather or my crocheting of the skies each day, and I feel really bad about it. Time got away from me - there was a quilt to quilt, a holiday and a school fair on Friday that I'm busily trying to make things for - and now I'm somehow about 20 days behind. And have a shed load of ends to weave in. I'm not very happy with myself, but having said all that, once I get past Saturday I'm hoping for a good bit of hooky time on Sunday. I do really want to catch-up and I am missing my daily hooky fix.

It's been a mixed month sky wise - overall it's been quite gloomy but towards the end of most days - certainly in the last couple of weeks - the clouds have cleared and there have been some wonderful night-time skies.

Although it would be easy to moan about the weather instead I'm going to focus on the fact that we have had some amazing skies: the on and off showers have led to the most amazing billowy clouds with so many different shades of grey punctuated with snippets of blue. If I were an artist I'm sure that I would be compelled to paint continuously!

And who can forget my perfect moment on holiday?!

I'll hopefully be back with an up to date blanket soon, excitedly it will include me starting the second half (although I'm not quite so excited about the foundation chain!)

Hope you're all well,


Today's sky • blue with fluffy white clouds!!!

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