Todays office

Today we went on a road trip. Two and a half hours each way. With three Littlies this length of journey is largely not a good combination and from experience we generally get one good journey (normally on the way out - they'll sleep!). The return journey is normally best not spoken about!

I decided to make the best of today's journey by taking some sewing projects with me.

Sewing in the ends on my latest cushion.....
Doing a bit more of the binding on my quilt.....I so wanna get it finished very soon!

The downsides of having the passenger seat in the car as your crafting office;

✿ When you go round corners/over bumps the scissors have a tendency to go disappearing down the side of the car seat (total number of times: 2)

✿ In retrospect, weaving in the ends on my cushion was probably not the best idea - trying to feed thread through the tiny hole of a needle is not very easy when the cars juddering around (total number of mis-threads: too many to count!)

✿ I normally crochet/knit in the car - sewing was a nice change but I think I'll probably stick to yarn-based activities going forward!

I'm afraid there aren't many more pictures of the day but it was a good day, despite the drizzle. And on the upside we also had a good journey back. Yippee!

I hope you all had a good day, 

S x

Todays weather ● grey with rain

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