You may or may not remember that when I went to Wonderwool back in April I treated myself to a gorgeous hooking kit. Well, to do this properly you really need to use a frame. They did have frames to buy at the show but at the time I decided to spend the money on some other lovely woolly things instead and figured that even I would be able to knock something together!

So, sometime this week I mentioned to Mr f&f that I needed to make a frame as I wanted it all done so that I can take it away as my holiday project soon. He turned to me with a smile on his face and the rest of the conversation went something like this;

Mr f&f: So when do I need to make this frame by?!
Me: How did you hear that? I'm going to do it. It's only a square with legs, it can't be that difficult. I did CDT at school!
Mr f&f: [small laughter] Is this going to be like the kids safety locks on the cupboards? (they do work but lets just say they have peculiarities!)
Me: I'm not completely useless. I'm sure I can do it!
Mr f&f: Of course. I'm sure you can

So partly as a matter of principle and partly because every now and then I like to prove to myself that I'm not completely useless, Saturday afternoon saw me heading out to garage with a drawing of what I was hoping to build.

Once in the garage it took me a little while to gather all my tools - it was kind of satisfying to realise that Mr f&f also has a muddled organisation in his workspace!
Mr f&f did have a small giggle when he saw me using a sewing tape measure but I couldn't find the proper tape measure so I figured it would do (truth be told, if my quilting ruler had been nearby I probably would have used that!)

Mr f&f was even kind enough to bring me out a cup of tea and a biscuit! After about 2hours I'd got to this point. Fairly square and strong enough to stand up by itself, but it was taking me way longer than I knew it should. I was also starting to get sore hands from all the sawing!

Mr f&f came out at this point to check on me and I asked him very nicely if, given that I'd managed to get to this point he wouldn't mind finishing it off for me? Within half an hour it was all done with no mocking of the work that I'd done. I think it must be true love?! So now I'm all set for my holiday project. I think we made a great team effort!

Whilst Mr f&f was finishing up working away in the garage I made up a cake for Fathers Day (his favourite: victoria sponge cake with strawberry jam)

Today's been quite gentle. The Littlies have all been taking it in turn to be ill over the past few days and Littlest Boy decided last night that sleep is for wimps (not something I subscribe to, by the way!) which has started to take it's toll. So we went for a gentle stroll, where we came across a beautiful double/triple poppy.

The weather was just right today - dare I say perfect for strolling? - warm with blue skies and some good cloud formations

When we  returned home, I fitted in a bit of hooky time.  A few people have asked me what I do if I fall behind a day (or 9 as is the case at the moment). Well, I make a note on my phone until I have time to do it. The blanket is getting so long now that it covered all my legs, which was great as I've got a bit of a cold!
Sky Blanket by fabric & flowers
Sky Blanket by fabric & flowers

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, 

S x

Todays sky ‚óŹ blue with clouds

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