Catching up

It's been a crazy few days over here and me and my machine have been going at break neck speed. I think my machine for sure might need a little holiday!

First up have been some Celtic Love Knot Cushions. This year seems to be the year of celebratory wedding anniversaries in our extended family - we celebrated my parents 40th anniversary last week and then on Sunday we celebrated my husband's aunt and uncles 50th - so within about two weeks I've made two cushions. I foolishly didn't get around to taking a pic of the Ruby Cushion, but did of the Golden Cushion
Celtic Love Knot Cushion © fabric & flowers
I did a different edging this time - binding instead of piping and I think it balances out the motif really well. The observant amongst you might also notice that I'm in my other office (the car!) again. Not that I'd left it til the last minute or anything......let's just say that there was some button sewing and loose thread sewing in that needed to be done. All of which would have been a lot easier and quicker had I actually remembered to take my scissors with me. Maybe I should set up a spare sewing kit for the car?! Given that we were en-route to the venue I obviously had to try and wrap it.......I've never found cushions particualrly easy to wrap and less so when you're in the car and trying not to get in the way of someone who's trying to change gear! Still, within about 10mins I'd managed to turn it into this....

In between sewing the cushions I'd also made a start on a top which I was hoping to get finished for the party. I was doing okay - even done some enclosed seams and was feeling quite proud of myself - until I realised I'd done the seams too big. So out came the seam ripper. Sigh.
I'm back on track now though, so maybe in the next week or so I'll get it finished. Writing all this down is making me think that maybe I've been a bit over-ambitious!!!

On our way home from the party I suddenly remembered that I had to finish off the lunchbox that I'd started for Little Girl as her old one had broken. This project had begun quite a while back when I'd got frustrated about her drinks bottle having to be squeezed into the lunchbox every day and then struggling to zip it up everyday. It's my own pattern - and a prototype bag - with insulated wadding, a breathable/waterproof lining and a zip top. Completely washable! It needs a few more tweakings but I think I'll be making more. Little Girl is loving it so far and 3 days in, it's surviving it's field test so far! Will have to see how it does by the end of term......
Lunchbag © fabric & flowers

And now I'm working on a quilt that I need to get finished for next week. The quilt tops all done so it's just the back that needs piecing together and then the quilting. There's been a lot of indecision by me about how to do the back but today I Made A Decision and made a start. It felt good!
Quilt top in progress by fabric & flowers

We enjoyed some blue sky today - so needed and it was lovely to spend some time pottering in the garden. I hope you've had a great day and hopefully my next post will be a bit less frantic!

See you soon, SxTodays sky ● blue sky with clouds

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