Friday, 22 June 2012

This week has been mostly about...

....quilting like a mad thing: I finished piecing the back and have spent this week putting it together - there have been tears of joy and frustration! It's now been sent off to it's new home so I will do a proper post about this soon!


...enjoying the roses in our back garden. They smell divine! I think this year I might even cut some to bring indoors, it's something I've never done because it feels a bit......naughty?....but this year I've going to rebel!

...smiling at the willow tree: since it's lopping back in January it's started re-sprouting and at the moment it's shaggy 'do keeps reminding me of Garth out of Wayne's World!!!!

...marvelling at the blue sky suddenly breaking through today's continuous clouds with the rain drops still on the car window (disclaimer: I was safely parked whilst taking this photo!)

I hope you've all had a fabulous week, 

S x

Todays sky ● grey and rainy, although there was some blue this evening!

Sunday, 17 June 2012


You may or may not remember that when I went to Wonderwool back in April I treated myself to a gorgeous hooking kit. Well, to do this properly you really need to use a frame. They did have frames to buy at the show but at the time I decided to spend the money on some other lovely woolly things instead and figured that even I would be able to knock something together!

So, sometime this week I mentioned to Mr f&f that I needed to make a frame as I wanted it all done so that I can take it away as my holiday project soon. He turned to me with a smile on his face and the rest of the conversation went something like this;

Mr f&f: So when do I need to make this frame by?!
Me: How did you hear that? I'm going to do it. It's only a square with legs, it can't be that difficult. I did CDT at school!
Mr f&f: [small laughter] Is this going to be like the kids safety locks on the cupboards? (they do work but lets just say they have peculiarities!)
Me: I'm not completely useless. I'm sure I can do it!
Mr f&f: Of course. I'm sure you can

So partly as a matter of principle and partly because every now and then I like to prove to myself that I'm not completely useless, Saturday afternoon saw me heading out to garage with a drawing of what I was hoping to build.

Once in the garage it took me a little while to gather all my tools - it was kind of satisfying to realise that Mr f&f also has a muddled organisation in his workspace!
Mr f&f did have a small giggle when he saw me using a sewing tape measure but I couldn't find the proper tape measure so I figured it would do (truth be told, if my quilting ruler had been nearby I probably would have used that!)

Mr f&f was even kind enough to bring me out a cup of tea and a biscuit! After about 2hours I'd got to this point. Fairly square and strong enough to stand up by itself, but it was taking me way longer than I knew it should. I was also starting to get sore hands from all the sawing!

Mr f&f came out at this point to check on me and I asked him very nicely if, given that I'd managed to get to this point he wouldn't mind finishing it off for me? Within half an hour it was all done with no mocking of the work that I'd done. I think it must be true love?! So now I'm all set for my holiday project. I think we made a great team effort!

Whilst Mr f&f was finishing up working away in the garage I made up a cake for Fathers Day (his favourite: victoria sponge cake with strawberry jam)

Today's been quite gentle. The Littlies have all been taking it in turn to be ill over the past few days and Littlest Boy decided last night that sleep is for wimps (not something I subscribe to, by the way!) which has started to take it's toll. So we went for a gentle stroll, where we came across a beautiful double/triple poppy.

The weather was just right today - dare I say perfect for strolling? - warm with blue skies and some good cloud formations

When we  returned home, I fitted in a bit of hooky time.  A few people have asked me what I do if I fall behind a day (or 9 as is the case at the moment). Well, I make a note on my phone until I have time to do it. The blanket is getting so long now that it covered all my legs, which was great as I've got a bit of a cold!
Sky Blanket by fabric & flowers
Sky Blanket by fabric & flowers

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, 

S x

Todays sky ● blue with clouds

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Catching up

It's been a crazy few days over here and me and my machine have been going at break neck speed. I think my machine for sure might need a little holiday!

First up have been some Celtic Love Knot Cushions. This year seems to be the year of celebratory wedding anniversaries in our extended family - we celebrated my parents 40th anniversary last week and then on Sunday we celebrated my husband's aunt and uncles 50th - so within about two weeks I've made two cushions. I foolishly didn't get around to taking a pic of the Ruby Cushion, but did of the Golden Cushion
Celtic Love Knot Cushion © fabric & flowers
I did a different edging this time - binding instead of piping and I think it balances out the motif really well. The observant amongst you might also notice that I'm in my other office (the car!) again. Not that I'd left it til the last minute or anything......let's just say that there was some button sewing and loose thread sewing in that needed to be done. All of which would have been a lot easier and quicker had I actually remembered to take my scissors with me. Maybe I should set up a spare sewing kit for the car?! Given that we were en-route to the venue I obviously had to try and wrap it.......I've never found cushions particualrly easy to wrap and less so when you're in the car and trying not to get in the way of someone who's trying to change gear! Still, within about 10mins I'd managed to turn it into this....

In between sewing the cushions I'd also made a start on a top which I was hoping to get finished for the party. I was doing okay - even done some enclosed seams and was feeling quite proud of myself - until I realised I'd done the seams too big. So out came the seam ripper. Sigh.
I'm back on track now though, so maybe in the next week or so I'll get it finished. Writing all this down is making me think that maybe I've been a bit over-ambitious!!!

On our way home from the party I suddenly remembered that I had to finish off the lunchbox that I'd started for Little Girl as her old one had broken. This project had begun quite a while back when I'd got frustrated about her drinks bottle having to be squeezed into the lunchbox every day and then struggling to zip it up everyday. It's my own pattern - and a prototype bag - with insulated wadding, a breathable/waterproof lining and a zip top. Completely washable! It needs a few more tweakings but I think I'll be making more. Little Girl is loving it so far and 3 days in, it's surviving it's field test so far! Will have to see how it does by the end of term......
Lunchbag © fabric & flowers

And now I'm working on a quilt that I need to get finished for next week. The quilt tops all done so it's just the back that needs piecing together and then the quilting. There's been a lot of indecision by me about how to do the back but today I Made A Decision and made a start. It felt good!
Quilt top in progress by fabric & flowers

We enjoyed some blue sky today - so needed and it was lovely to spend some time pottering in the garden. I hope you've had a great day and hopefully my next post will be a bit less frantic!

See you soon, SxTodays sky ● blue sky with clouds

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Todays office

Today we went on a road trip. Two and a half hours each way. With three Littlies this length of journey is largely not a good combination and from experience we generally get one good journey (normally on the way out - they'll sleep!). The return journey is normally best not spoken about!

I decided to make the best of today's journey by taking some sewing projects with me.

Sewing in the ends on my latest cushion.....
Doing a bit more of the binding on my quilt.....I so wanna get it finished very soon!

The downsides of having the passenger seat in the car as your crafting office;

✿ When you go round corners/over bumps the scissors have a tendency to go disappearing down the side of the car seat (total number of times: 2)

✿ In retrospect, weaving in the ends on my cushion was probably not the best idea - trying to feed thread through the tiny hole of a needle is not very easy when the cars juddering around (total number of mis-threads: too many to count!)

✿ I normally crochet/knit in the car - sewing was a nice change but I think I'll probably stick to yarn-based activities going forward!

I'm afraid there aren't many more pictures of the day but it was a good day, despite the drizzle. And on the upside we also had a good journey back. Yippee!

I hope you all had a good day, 

S x

Todays weather ● grey with rain

Saturday, 2 June 2012

May in Crochet

It's felt like quite a Jekyll and Hyde month, has May.

As you can see, starting on the left where the grey yarn is hanging down, the month started off pretty murky and to be fair stayed pretty murky for most of the time

Although there have been some moments of pure beauty where a gap opened up in the clouds like a window into another bright world

And there have been some stunning sunsets along the way

There were then a few days where I think we saw nothing but grey only to wake up the next five days to gloriously blue skies and soaring temperatures! Unbelievably, I only took one picture of the blue sky days - I was obviously busy having too much fun!!!!

We're now back to grey skies and rain again - not good timing for the extra long bank holiday weekend but it is still at least warm!
May in crochet!
I hope you're all having a great weekend so far,SxTodays sky ● overcast 

Friday, 1 June 2012

Creative goodies!

It has to be said I had a very good post day the other day. All ordered by me - for me! - but still, it's nice when Mr Postie comes a knocking at the door, especially when it's with three parcels with your name on!!!

First up was some tissue paper for wrapping up my orders in a lovely turquoise colour...

...although having found some fab tutorials for pom pom flowers I'm sorely tempted to have a go!!!

Second was some fabric. I've really enjoyed my tentative forays into dress making and want to have a go at some other patterns that I'd got on sale.....decisions decisions over what to go for though!

I'm thinking a Lisette Portfolio Tunic out of the cord (which is a plum colour) for winter/autumn and then the swallow fabric I'm a bit undecided - probably the Lisette Continental Blouse. Decisions, decisions!

And in the third parcel was the new Lisa Lam A Bag for All Reasons. Oohhhh I was very excited about this I can tell you! I've had it on pre-order for what seems like ages now so was very excited to finally receive it.

I've had it for nearly a week now, picking it up and having a browse each day and have to say I'm really pleased with it!

The first thing to say is that it's spiral bound. I love spiral bound books - it just makes crafting so much easier when you're not trying to weight your book open at the right place with a pair of scissors which you're going to invariably need at any moment (or is that just me?!)!!! The techniques section at the front of the book is largely the same as in The Bag Making Bible with the exception of a new slimline concealed top-edge zip technique, but it's still a very useful reference tool and will at least save me switching between books during a project.
Book Image © Lisa Lam

There is then an overview of all of the projects available - the ones that are on my hit list (so to speak!) are the Too Cool for School Satchel and the 3-in-1 bag. I also keep eyeing up the wallet as mine is starting to look a bit jaded and I think the vanity case would make a lovely present.
Book image © Lisa Lam
Book image © Lisa Lam

I have found that this book flows better than the Bag Making Bible - techniques, overview of all the projects, projects - and it is easy to flick to the instructions for each bag as the pages are bordered by fabric that was used for each bag. My only complaint is that some of the fabrics used are so pretty and I can't find anywhere in the book details of which fabrics are used for which bag. I'm just curious, what can I say!

A further improvement on the original book is the three full size pull-out pattern pages at the back of the book so no tracing required. Just cut and go!!! The only thing that would be really helpful would be an envelope at the back of the book that the pattern pieces could be put in for future use - I try my best to be organised but it does go awry quite often and it would be a pain to lose any pieces - but that is just me being very picky!

A friend of mine is due to have a baby any day now so I think I'm going to have a go at the baby travel mat - I cut out all the pieces last night so I'll be able to give a review of the pattern soon!

Hope you're all well,


Today's sky • overcast

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