There's been lots going on here at the moment and as a result I seem to have lots more of half-completed projects lying around awaiting just a little bit of attention so that they can be claimed as finished.

The Tova was one of these. I cut it out a-g-e-s ago - back over Easter I think - got most of it sewn up the following weekend and only had the bottom hem and tidying up of the inside seams to do, but ran out of steam and had orders to do. I finally got around to finishing it last week and then photographing it yesterday.

I really enjoyed sewing the Tova, it's a lovely pattern to sew up and as a dressmaking novice I found it relatively easy to put together. I also managed to cut all the pieces out of  half a metre less than the pattern notes recommended, which is always a bonus! The trickiest part for me was sewing the inset panels into the front of the shirt and getting the corners nice and kind of felt like I fudged it but I think it looks okay! I found verykerryberry's Tova-along really helpful, and would definitely recommend checking this out if you're thinking of doing a Tova.

I love the gathering around the inset and going into the sleeve cuffs - it makes me feel very accomplished when really it was a lot less tricky to do than I thought it would be! I really like the inset panel as well, but am not sure about the collar and open placket although I think that could be because it's not a style that I would normally wear. I feel that it fits well - maybe a little tight across the back - although looking at these pictures it does look like it's pulling a bit across my chest so maybe I should go up to a medium next time? Still, I will definately be making more of these, I think a full length dress with full length sleeves would be great for winter! So, details...

Pattern::: Wiksten Tova, size S
Fabric::: 1.5m of polycotton
Mods::: none!

I hope you've all had great weekends and managed to clear the decks a little!

S x

Todays sky ‚óŹ blue!

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