April in Crochet

I fear that if I dwell on the weather too much, this could be a pretty dreary post! Suffice to say we have truly experienced April downpours showers!!!

Needless to say it's been a pretty miserable month weather wise, lots of grey, especially for the last couple of weeks.

However (being positive!) there have been some lovely moments where the sun has popped out to say hello and it has seemed Spring is truly underway

The blanket has been on the back-burner a little bit and I've been finding myself having to catch up on it a little too much. There's been lots going on in the background here at f&f - you know how life and poorly Littlies can get in the way of Good Intentions - but I think I'm back on track now. Made a start on May (another grey line!) so not far behind at all now

You can see how there's been lots of murky days. Ah well. How about if we have a look at the whole year so far instead - that includes a lot more blue!!!!

The long ends that you can see sticking out mark the beginning of each month. Isn't it getting big?! As of today, 1 Jan - 30 April = 127cm long x 52cm wide!!! Wowsers. Gonna have to get my thinking cap on about how much longer I make it I think!!!!

Hope you're all well,


Todays sky ‚óŹ grey and rainy

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