WWW (aka Wind, Water & Wonderwool!)

Oooh it's been a fun few days! On Friday I caught a train and headed over to Cardiff to meet up with a friend. It takes a few hours to get there so I took some knitting for the train. Now, I'll be honest and admit that I've never done public knitting before - always felt too self conscious I guess - but this time I decided to Brave It. And it was very liberating! It was also a great ice-breaker with a fellow passenger and we had a long conversation about crochet, current projects and different patterns, much to the amusement of everyone else in the carriage I'm sure!!!

Saturday we headed off nice and early to get to Wonderwool. OOhhhh we were so excited I can tell you! Its only our second visit and we went prepared with lots of empty bags, you know just in case we saw anything we liked!!!

There were lots of stalls selling lovely yarn and lots of yarn based hobbies that you could try. There were also some very cute animals. How adorable are these?!

Alpaca's at the Toft stand
Gorgeous angora bunnies!

We also did a class on learning to spin with a drop spindle. Mr f&f found this highly amusing - "You do realise that for most 30-somethings, going to a spinning class would involve bikes at a gym don't you?!" - but we enoyed ourselves regardless!!! I even managed to spin some yarn although I think i'm going to have to practise a fair bit more. It did get me excited enough to buy a bat of fluff to spin for a small shawl. Can you see the sparkles in it? I think I'm a bit of a magpie!
My spinning efforts
For spinning (after some practise!)
I also got a few other things - a stamp, stitch markers (even a special one for crochet!), a small crochet hook for trying beading one day and a hooking kit which I'm quite excited about: I admired everything at this stall last year and decided this year to splash out and buy a kit - I'm hoping that it will look lovely on my wall when it's all done!

And can you spy the D-rings at the bottom there? These will be part of a new bag design that I've been  mulling over for a while......should be fun!

And the Water element? Well, that's for all the rain we're having!!!!

I hope you all had a good weekend,


Today's sky • grey with rain, although we have had odd glimpses of blue sky for a change!

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