Selfish Sewing

How are you all doing? Have you eaten all the chocolate yet?! We had family to stay over Easter and it was lovely to catch up. It was also a birthday weekend which meant.....lemon cake!!!!

I also took the opportunity to do a bit of sewing. For me. Completely Selfish Sewing. It almost felt decadent, especially as I have orders to do, but I figured it's a holiday weekend so having a break from 'work' to do some sewing for me would be okay.

I've been thinking about sewing clothes for a little while now, and regularly read blogs by Flossie Teacakes and Tilly and the Buttons, marvelling over the fantastic clothes that they make. Wondering, can I really do that? Would it really look that good?

This weekend I decided to Have A Go.  A couple of patterns that have been popping up regularly in the blogosphere at the moment and have caught my eye are the Sorbetto and the Wiksten Tova. I decided to start with the Sorbetto and to add a sleeve using a pattern that I'd found. I was also very inspired by the placket that had been added to this sorbetto.

It was relatively easy to make - not quite the 45min make that some people say they can make it in, but it is one of my first forays into dress making and I'm guessing that given time and practice 45mins would be possible! I used some material I got a little while back (I think it's a lawn fabric) that i just love the pattern of.

I did make a few adjustments to the pattern: I lowered the armholes slightly as when I first tried it on it felt just a bit too snug; the bust darts were lowered (to the next size up) as I felt this was a slightly better fit and finally I turned the pleat into an inverted pleat, with a placket over the top.

I then decided to add a few self-covered buttons to the placket for a finishing touch. I'd never made these before but was really pleased with how they came out. I bought a self-cover button kit and used fabric with the orange pattern on for each of my buttons

Fabric, wadding, button
Gathering the fabric with running stitch

Getting ready to add the button plate
My finished buttons!
I'm really pleased with how they came out, although looking at the pictures I'm not sure that they really show up that much amongst the pattern.

I had lots of fun making this - I think I might even enter it to the Spring Top Sewalong - and can see more Sorbetto's in my future.

I hope you all had a good weekend, 

S x

Todays sky ‚óŹ blue with clouds and even a touch of rain. Boo!

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