Out and about

Today we needed to get out of the house: the grey, miserable days and poorly Littlies has resulted in cabin fever for all of us. A day trip was definitely needed.

So a trip to the local garden centre was decided upon. It's only a five minute drive away, has lots of different things to look at and a little cafe with a play area. Its a good place to go! We didn't get to spend any time looking at seeds dreaming about which vegetable seeds could be planted (and if I'm honest, there's a lot in the garage that I need to sort through). Instead we were there to look at the animals, namely the fish and chickens. And my oh my, we were in for a treat for they also had baby chicks and mini pigs there. I think I was more potty about them than the kids!!!!!

The chicks were absolutely adorable! There were some really young fluffy ones which really did look like little puff balls! And some that were a little older as you could see the feathers starting to come through. The Littlies loved them - we had to look at them twice! - although I did have to keep reminding Little Boy not to put his fingers through the wire, I saw some chicks eyeing up his fingers on a couple of occasions.

I think the little grey chick was my absolute favourite, I could have easily taken him home. One day I'd love to have chickens, but I'll need to keep dreaming for a little while I think!

The mini-pigs were outside and were absolutely delightful. And sooooooo cute! There were only two of them but they had the 'awww' factor! And there's a competition to name them. We haven't entered yet but I might have to go back at the weekend just to, you know, have a little look and come up with some more names!!!

This evening I've been working on my sky blanket, it has to be said that it's looking a little bit miserable after the past week's weather. I'm hoping we'll be back to the sky blue's soon!

Hope you've all had a great day, 

S x