Sunday, 1 April 2012

March in crochet

March has been a good month on the whole......I've been feeling myself getting more and more optimistic with each passing day. And I'm sure that this is due in no small part to the glorious weather that we've had for much of the month, particularly the last week or so.

March started off with a nice blue line (down at the bottom there) but sadly ended with clouds.

And can you see just at the top there? I ran out of yarn on the very last repeat of my ripple for the last day in March. It's almost like a bad April Fool's joke! More yarn shopping required!

There have been some amazing blue skies this month though, and some very foggy starts too!

And we can't forget the springing of flowers and blossoms to brighten the day

So all in all, a very good month really. Would you want to see the sky blanket in all it's glory so far?! Okay then, here goes......

It has to be said that it's getting quite very long now.....just over 90cm and we're only 3months in (91 days to be exact!)! So I reckon it's going to be about 2m long by the time I'm halfway through and ready to start the next side. Should be a good fit for a single bed I reckon!

I hope you've all had a lovely April Fools day? We had a lovely walk by a local lake, making the most of the weather

Thanks for popping in and I wanted to let you know that things might be a bit sporadic over the next couple of weeks what with the Littlies off school but I'll try and keep you posted.

Catch-up soon,


Todays sky ● brilliant blue


Textureknit said...

Oh love the colours, will remind you of lovely spring/summer days in deep winter.

Hope you enjoy hol's and even though getting colder hopefully it will be nice still.

Lynne said...

Your blanket is looking fantastic!! :)

Sonia said...

Thanks Sara. Hopefully it won't get too cold - I've been enjoying putting my washing out to dry! Hope you have a good easter too x

Sonia said...

Thanks Lynne :) A little scared by how big it's starting to get....certainly be good for snuggling when it's finished I think!

Melksham Mum said...

Beautiful pictures and what an amazing blanket! I want to learn to day!
(I replied to your email by the way x ) x x

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