Back to school!

Yesterday was the last day of the Easter Holidays for us, as there was a training day at school. In the morning we took a trip down the park for the little people to burn off some energy. Little Girl raced off on her bike but it took me a bit longer as the boys have taken to walking which can be quite s-l-o-w (or leisurely, as I try to think of it!). Still, we get there eventually!

Whilst at the park, I was marvelling at the sky, and in particular the clouds. I'm finding that since starting the sky blanket I'm taking a lot more interest in the skies these days and especially all the different types of cloud formations. I feel like I need to learn a bit more about them all! I have found a website (the Cloud Appreciation Society) which has some stunning photo's on it.

I had to show you this picture of the path we take on the way home - it always feels like a real snapshot of the season: at the moment, it's full of green. I'm always amazed at how there can be so many hues and shades of one colour, and the dabbled light on the path just makes it perfect for me.

First day back at school today means a return to some sense of normality, if that even exists?! On Thursday Little Boy will start nursery - I'm both excited and a little bit sad: I think he's going to really enjoy going and the new challenges it presents, and the idea of only having one Littlie at home feels like another Landmark Moment, but I'm also going to really miss him as he's a proper little character. At the moment, he keeps insisting on being called Optimus Prime, this has been partly fuelled by the recent purchase of the original series 1 of Transformers from the '80s. It looks so retro now but he does love it!

I've managed to fit in some crafting over the last few days, working on specially commissioned cushions for a wedding anniversary and a birthday. I always feel very honoured to be asked to make something for such a special occassion and a little nervous as to whether or not it will meet expectations. Hopefully, these will as I may well be handing them over in person at Wonderwool in a couple of weeks (more on this soon, I am soooooo excited!).
Commissioned cushions - can you guess what they are yet?!

I'm also hoping to get the chance to put the sleeves and collar to my Tova over the coming weekend, it's looking (and fitting!) alright so far!
My Tova so far - sleeves & collar needed!

And I'm finally all caught up on the sky blanket, just a few ends to weave in. It's been quite funny the past few days, it will be dark and cloudy in the morning, then bright sunshine and then back to rain again. If I was doing it truthfully the lines would probably be split equally between storms, overcast and blue sky. Instead I've just gone for varigated blue, which is my interpretation of blue skies with clouds! April showers definitely seem to be out in force this month!!!
Stormy skies at lunchtime today

Bright - albeit cloudy - skies 2hrs later!

A rather gloomy few rows of crochet!

Hope you're all having a lovely day,

S x

Todays sky ‚óŹ blue with lots of clouds, we've even had hail today!

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