Sunny Spring Days

Oh wow! Hasn't Spring arrived with a bang this week?! Spring and Autumn have always been my favourite seasons - something about changes being afoot and beautiful colours. Makes me happy!

Today, Mr f&f had a day off and we went on another day trip. We stopped for lunch at a park, sitting on a bench to eat our sandwiches, with the background chorus of ducks quack, quack quacking away.

The chatty ducks merged in with sprinkling water as in the middle of the lake was a water feature. It all combined to make a very peaceful lunchtime.

Once tummies had been filled, we went for a little stroll and I got very excited when I spied a magnolia tree in the distance....after a bit of encouragement to the Little Boys we finally reached it and my, it was worth it.

It was a stunning tree, covered in blooms and surrounded by a gentle perfume. If I closed my eyes, inhaled the perfume and listened to the gentle sound of ducks and sprinkling water it was The Perfect Spring Day. If only it could be bottled! In fact it was so lovely, I'm going to share another picture of those fantastic flowers!

The longer afternoons have also meant more play time in the garden after school

Yesterday I sat outside with a cup of tea and my Sky Blanket chatting away to Little Girl (well, more listening to be honest, she's a little chatter-box!). I'm nearly all caught up now which is great - as you can expect there's a lot of blue after the past few days!

I'd better go and do another blue line for today, I don't want to fall behind again - hope you're all having fun, happy, sunny days.

S x

Todays sky ‚óŹ blue!

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