Crafting and Bouncing!

It's been a fun week! The 1st of March was beautifully sunny which resulted in a little bit of crafting and a  little bit of bouncing!!!!

Am not sure if I mentioned I had a bit of a sort-out of my knitting and crochet stash the other day??? Ooohhh, it was a little bit scary, I can tell you. I was very good though, I kept projects-worth of stuff (I can see a lot of socks in my future, I hadn't realised what a sock-yarn addiction I had!) and sorted what was left-over into bags: one for people who knit blankets for dogs and another for swapping. It felt very good I can tell you. But it left me realising that I have lots of crochet hooks and DPNs with no real place to keep them. Hmmmmm.

And then it hit me: a nice quick project recycling some of the glasses that I had waiting to go to the recycling bin. Cheap and quick. Just my sort of project!

I fetched out my decopatch paper and glue and set to. Am not sure if you've ever tried decopatch but it's ever so, stick, rip, stick. Ahhhh! I first heard out about it over at attic24 a couple of years back and got myself a few basics. I've done a few things but hadn't really thought much more about them. Until I looked at those glass jars! I got a few different blue-patterned paper and started tearing them into stamp sized pieces
And then the sticking I am half-way through my first jar. Doesn't it look like patchwork? I love how the papers are so thin that you can see where they overlap, especially when light shines through them. I'm now thinking of covering a small jar for tealights - they could look magical!
In the end I did two jars and I'm really pleased with how they came out: just the right size for my spare hooks and needles. And I think qualifies as my first project for Pretty Crafty Home?! They're going to look lovely on my craft desk.

They didn't take me long to do, but doing them in Daylight Hours meant that the little boys were a little bit antsy by the time I'd finished. Being the first day of March though, the sun had come out to play and it was beautiful so we went bouncing on the trampoline.

Look at that, not a cloud in the sky!

It was such good fun, especially seeing Littlest Boy figuring out that he really could bounce up and down! Last year he was too little and Really Didn't Like the trampoline. This time though he Totally Got It and was having a ball! Little Boy also had a lot of fun bundling Littlest Boy. And when I laid down to take this picture they both enjoyed bundling me. It was quite exhausting!

In the last few days, I've also had the chance to pop into a charity shop and happened across a Boden cord skirt. In my size. How lucky was that?! I have to confess that I didn't care for the colour much, it's not really me, but I figured that a pack of clothes dye would sort that out. So that's this weeks project. I'll have to show you the after pictures soon!

And finally, now that that we're in March there's the first signs of spring to enjoy
These are some little tete-a-tete's that I planted last year or so. They are just so dainty and make me smile everytime that I walk past them. I just love daffodils - any type or size - they're one of my favourite flowers and always make me feel happy. Maybe its their colour? Its hard to be sad with yellow, isn't it?!

I hope you're all enjoying the first signs of spring too and have had a great weekend,

S x

Todays sky ‚óŹ grey: there's been a lot of rain

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