Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Ramblings

I hope you've had as lovely a day as us. The weather here has been f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!!!! It was so nice that we decided to head out for a walk round a local lake.

The colours were so bright and fresh, with lots of contrast between the beautiful spring sky and the plants that have yet to grow new leaves. I got a little bit carried away taking photos......



I particularly love the picture of the seed head silhouettes, good inspiration for sewing a picture one day I think

It was also lovely to see Little Girl speeding off on her bike. She only learnt to ride without stabilisers towards the end of last year so hasn't had a lot of time to practise really. Still, she made up for it today....see the little white dot in the picture below? That's her!!!!

After a spot of lunch we headed home and did a bit more tidying in the garden. It's a never ending job, isn't it?

Then this evening I'm planning on a bit of relaxing and a bit of knitting. I'm working on a mara shawl for a friend. It's my first time knitting the pattern and I'm really enjoying it, although I have to say that the next instruction scares me slightly: I have to knit forward/back into every stitch which is going to leave me with over 400 stitches! I'm not the fastest knitter so I reckon that the edge could take as long as the body of the shawl!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, 

S x

Todays sky ● gorgeous blue with some clouds


moonike said...

How fun, I've just done a Mara shawl also.. well it started as a Mara, but then wandered off into a different direction with the edging (and had about 1100 - give or take a few - stiches on my needeles at the end).
Love the blue sky and the lake reflecting the blueness. Thanks for sharing the pics :)

Sonia said...

Oh wow - 1100 stitches would take me forever!!!!! Thanks for your lovely comments x

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