Friday, 3 February 2012

Knitting night

For me, the first Thursday of each month is knitting night (or Click & Clack as it's otherwise known!) at my local knitting shop run by the lovely Sue

I remember the first time I walked into The Knitting Hut just going 'WOW" at the fab range of wools, some of them a bit different to what I'd seen before as Sue makes a point of getting in some of the more unusual ranges alongside those that you would expect to see. I mean, check out these gorgeous skeins (of Manos I think)!!!!

As we were finishing up at the end of January's session, Sue casually mentioned that it was The Knitting Hut's 6th birthday in February. That felt like quite a big birthday (just ask Little Girl: she can't wait to turn 6!) and one that couldn't go amiss, but what to make?

In the end I went for a reusable notebook cover because I figure that you can never have too many list making options, right?! But to make it that extra bit special I decided to add on some appliqued pictures as reminders of our Click & Clack nights: tea, cake & knitting!

I made a little tweak to my normal design and used a button and elastic closure on the side so that it didn't interfere with the front cover but still kept the pen in place

I'm quite pleased with how it came out in the end, though next time I might make the cake a bit bigger! Must head off to get some more cake samples I think.......!!!!!

I'm thinking of adding these to my shop and could always personalise the words/pictures if anyone's interested . What do you think?

Hope you're not too freezing today? We've got the fire on but it doesn't seem to be making a jot of difference. I picked up a ball of chunky wool last night so I think I might be whipping myself up a warm and cozy hat this weekend!


Todays sky • brilliant blue but brrrrrrrr it's cold!

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Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

Hi Sonia,

Thanks for popping by my blog and so lovely to have you join me on my quest for a PCH! The Knitting Hut is a favourite shop of mine too, although I never have been to the group. It's a great shop.

Well, I've added your link to my site, so good luck making a PCH of your own!

Love you notebook too, very pretty!

S x

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