February in Crochet

It has to be be said that February has been a bit of a drab month really! And I've now realised that I've taken very little pictures of the sky. Naughty me, I'll have to work on that next month!

The month started off well - see that clear blue line at the bottom of the picture? That's the 1st - but since then it's been fairly overcast. And obviously we had all that lovely snow.
In the last week or so though it's definitely got a lot more spring like which is definitely a good thing in my book!

So the blanket is coming along very nicely so far and I really enjoy my post-lunch hooky ritual!!!!!

On the home front, I rolled my sleeves up and went through my yarn stash the other day. Boy there was a lot of stuff! I foolishly tackled it one evening when the littlies weren't around to spread it even further, so instead Mr f&f got to see it all spread out and was not too amused! I had a good clear out though: some stuff for charity, some to sell and some to keep. And a bag of projects that just need little tweaks to finish them off. It's also started me off on my first Pretty Crafty Home project as I found i've got quite a few crochet hooks and not really anywhere to keep them

Guess what these are destined to become?!

Hope you've all had a lovely leap-year day,

S x

Todays sky ‚óŹ overcast

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